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Monday 06 August, 2018

Blue Planet Inv Tst

Annual Information Update



Pursuant to Prospectus Rule 5.2 Blue Planet Investment Trust plc sets out below a brief description of the information published throughout the 12 months up to and including 30th April 2018 by or for the Company. 

In accordance with Article 27.3 of the Prospectus Directive, it is acknowledged that some of the information referred to in this update was up to date at the time the information was published but may now be out of date. To avoid an unnecessarily lengthy document the information is referred to in this update rather than included in full.

The announcements listed below were published on the London Stock exchange via RNS, a Regulatory Information Service and can be obtained from their website at or via the Company's own website
Date Heading
04-May-17 Net Asset Value(s)
08-May-17 Net Asset Value(s)
08-May-17 Portfolio Holdings
15-May-17 Net Asset Value(s)
22-May-17 Net Asset Value(s)
30-May-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Jun-17 Net Asset Value(s)
09-Jun-17 Portfolio Holdings
12-Jun-17 Net Asset Value(s)
19-Jun-17 Net Asset Value(s)
26-Jun-17 Net Asset Value(s)
29-Jun-17 Dividend Declaration
06-Jul-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Jul-17 Portfolio Holdings
10-Jul-17 Net Asset Value(s)
11-Jul-17 Notice of AGM and Annual Report as at 30 April 2017
13-Jul-17 Annual Information update
17-Jul-17 Net Asset Value(s)
24-Jul-17 Net Asset Value(s)
31-Jul-17 Net Asset Value(s)
04-Aug-17 Net Asset Value(s)
07-Aug-17 Net Asset Value(s)
07-Aug-17 Portfolio Holdings
10-Aug-17 Holding(s) in Company
10-Aug-17 Results of AGM 2017
14-Aug-17 Net Asset Value(s)
21-Aug-17 Net Asset Value(s)
29-Aug-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Sep-17 Net Asset Value(s)
11-Sep-17 Portfolio Holdings
11-Sep-17 Net Asset Value(s)
18-Sep-17 Net Asset Value(s)
25-Sep-17 Net Asset Value(s)
05-Oct-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Oct-17 Portfolio Holdings
09-Oct-17 Net Asset Value(s)
16-Oct-17 Net Asset Value(s)
23-Oct-17 Net Asset Value(s)
30-Oct-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Nov-17 Net Asset Value(s)
13-Nov-17 Net Asset Value(s)
13-Nov-17 Portfolio Holdings
20-Nov-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Dec-17 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Dec-17 Portfolio Holdings
11-Dec-17 Net Asset Value(s)
18-Dec-17 Half Year Reports & Accounts to 31 October 2017
18-Dec-17 Net Asset Value(s)
27-Dec-17 Net Asset Value(s)
05-Jan-18 Net Asset Value(s)
05-Jan-18 Portfolio Holdings
08-Jan-18 Net Asset Value(s)
15-Jan-18 Net Asset Value(s)
22-Jan-18 Net Asset Value(s)
29-Jan-18 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Feb-18 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Feb-18 Portfolio Holdings
12-Feb-18 Net Asset Value(s)
19-Feb-18 Net Asset Value(s)
26-Feb-18 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Mar-18 Net Asset Value(s)
07-Mar-18 Portfolio Holdings
12-Mar-18 Net Asset Value(s)
19-Mar-18 Net Asset Value(s)
26-Mar-18 Net Asset Value(s)
06-Apr-18 Net Asset Value(s)
09-Apr-18 Net Asset Value(s)
11-Apr-18 Portfolio Holdings
16-Apr-18 Net Asset Value(s)
23-Apr-18 Net Asset Value(s)
30-Apr-18 Net Asset Value(s)


All of the documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies in Scotland on or around the dates indicated:

Date Description Form
16 FEB 2017 Change of Registered Office Address AD01
10 AUG 2017 Certified Resolutions passed
10 AUG 2017 Annual Report & Accounts to 30 APR 2017 incl. Notice of AGM on 10 AUG 2017
23 DEC 2017 Confirmation Statement CS01
04 JAN 2018 Person with significant control PSC02

The documents were filed with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House and can be obtained from Companies House, 4th floor, Edinburgh Quay 2, 139 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9FF or through Companies House at


During the period, the following documents have been submitted to the United Kingdom Listing Authority (“UKLA”). These are available for inspection at, the National Storage Mechanism acts as the official mechanism for storage or regulated information in the UK.

11 JUL 2017 Annual Report & Accounts to 30 APR 2017 incl.
Notice of AGM, Proxy Card and Letter of Direction
10 AUG 2017 Certified Resolution passed
18 DEC 2017 Half Yearly Report and Accounts to 31 OCT 2017


11 JUL 2017 Annual Report & Accounts to 30 APR 2017 incl.
Notice of AGM, Proxy Card and Letter of Direction
18 DEC 2017 Half Yearly Report & Accounts to 31 OCT 2017


The Company's Annual and Interim Reports can be found on the Company's website

This annual information update is required by, and is being made pursuant to, Article 10 of the Prospectus Directive as implemented in the UK by Prospectus Rule 5.2 and not for any other purpose and neither the Company, nor any other person, takes any responsibility for, or makes any representation, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of, the information which it contains. The information is not necessarily up to date as at the date of this annual information update and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update any such information in the future. Further, such information may have been prepared in accordance with the laws or regulations of a particular jurisdiction and may not comply with or meet the relevant standards of disclosure in any other jurisdiction. Neither this annual information update, nor the information referred to in it, constitutes, by virtue of this communication, an offer of any securities addressed to any person and it should not be relied on by any person


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