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Monday 18 May, 2009

Dan David Prize

In the Presence of the President of the State o...

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 18 /PRNewswire/ --

    - Professor Paolo de Bernardis, Professor Andrew Lange and
Professor Paul Richards for Their Contribution for the Past Time Dimension in
the Field of Astrophysics - History of the Universe

    - The Rt Hon Tony Blair for his Contribution in the Present Time
Dimension in the Field of Leadership

    - Professor Robert Gallo for his Contribution in the Future Time
Dimension in the Field of Global Public Health

- Three $1 Million Awards to be Presented

    The Dan David Prize award ceremony took place yesterday at Tel
Aviv University, in the presence of Mr. Shimon Peres, President of the State
of Israel, Mr. Gideon Sa'ar, Minister of Education, Prof. Zvi Galil,
President of Tel Aviv University and Chairman of the Board Dan David Prize,
Mr. Gianni Alemanno, the Mayor of Rome, Mr. Dan David, Founder of the Dan
David Prize, the 2009 Dan David Prize laureates, foreign ambassadors, and
prominent academic and business figures from Israel and abroad.

To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:

    The 2009 Dan David Prize Laureates were chosen by independent
review committees comprised of renowned scholars and professionals in the
chosen fields, (some of whom are Nobel Prize winners) and from the
international business community.

    The Prize has been awarded since the year 2002 to individuals or
institutions with proven, exceptional and distinct excellence in the
sciences, arts, humanities who have made an outstanding contribution to
humanity, in each of the three time dimensions: past, present, and future.
(One million dollars is awarded to each laureate for the three time

    As in past years, the laureates donate 10% of their prize money
to outstanding doctoral and post doctoral students in the chosen fields at
Tel Aviv University and universities throughout the world.

    This year 10 scholarships in the amount of $15,000 each, will be
awarded to doctoral and post doctoral students from universities throughout
the world and 10 scholarships will be granted to doctoral and post doctoral
students at Tel Aviv University. Scholarship recipients will join the
Scholars Forum on the Dan David Prize site, providing an opportunity for
exchange of ideas and dialogue on topics of interest.

    The Dan David Prize seeks to impact on the next generation of
leaders and involves high school students through the "Name Your Hero" Essay
Competition. Students submit essays proposing candidates they consider worthy
of the Dan David Prize. Selected students participate in an advanced writing
workshop at Tel Aviv University and the winning students are awarded monetary
prizes. This year's competition grants three First Place winners NIS10,000
each, six Second Place winners NIS5,000 each and twelve Third Place winners
NIS2,500 each. The Kfar HaYarok High School was awarded NIS20,000 for its
outstanding activity with the largest number of students participating in the
Name Your Hero contest. The Dan David Prize Board of Directors reviews the
winning essay proposals when selecting the fields for the coming year.

    At the award ceremony, the founder of the prize Mr. Dan David,
stated that the 2009 Laureates represent the essence of the three time
dimensions: three scientists who have shed light on the history of the
universe, an outstanding statesman who played a key role in tackling
longstanding international conflicts, and a scientist acting at the forefront
of humanity's fight to eradicate deadly diseases to improve global public

    Prof. Zvi Galil, President of Tel Aviv University and Chairman of
the Board, Dan David Prize, stated in his speech that "the work of this
year's laureates illustrate the innovative and creative advancement of human
knowledge and of the importance of supporting such outstanding achievements.
The review committees succeeded in identifying the leaders and innovations in
their fields." "Past, Present, Future - we must understand the Past and act
in the Present to achieve a better Future" said Professor Galil.

    During the ceremony, the Dan David Prize was awarded to the
Mayor of Rome, Mr. Gianni Alemanno, on behalf of the City of Rome, a 2004 Dan
David Prize laureate in the field of Cities: Historical Legacy. The Prize was
awarded this year to the City of Rome due to the fact that Mr. Alemanno was
unable to come to Israel to receive the prize in 2004.

    The ceremony, produced by Nava Shiloni-Raz, RAZ TEAM, and
Director, Yaron Harel, included artistic performances by the Israel Ballet,
the Buchmann Mehta School of Music, and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
Amongst the performances was a specially choreographed work embodying the
idea of time, based on the Dance of the Hours by Ponchielli.

    The Buchmann Mehta School of Music's choir performed an excerpt from
Handel's Creation representing the Past Time Dimension - Astrophysics:
History of the Universe, with background visuals illustrating the earth and
the birth of the universe as depicted through art.

    A fanfare of 16 musicians from the Buchmann Mehta School of Music
and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra played an excerpt from Handel's
Watermusic, with background visuals and speeches of world leaders,
symbolizing the Present Time Dimension - Leadership.

    In honor of Professor Robert Gallo, laureate of the Future Time
Dimension - Global Public Health, and for his contribution to eradicating
AIDS, AFRICAN SANCTUS by musician, photographer and writer David Fanshawe was
performed, connecting Africa with global public health and striving towards a
better world.

    The evening closed with a performance by Sivan Goldman who sang
Mozart's Hallelujah.


    For the PAST TIME DIMENSION in the field of Astrophysics -
History of the Universe, the prize is shared by:

    Paolo de Bernardis (University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy),
Andrew Lange (Caltech, USA) and Paul Richards (UC Berkeley, USA) for their
discoveries concerning the geometry and composition of our Universe with the
BOOMERanG and MAXIMA experiments. The publication of their data in 2000
provided the first undisputed evidence that the Universe has a flat geometry.

For the PRESENT TIME DIMENSION in the field of Leadership:

    Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of Great Britain) for his
exceptional leadership and steadfast determination in helping to engineer
agreements and forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict.

For the FUTURE TIME DIMENSION in the field of Global Public Health:

    Robert C. Gallo (Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore, USA)
for his research of the HIV and T cell leukaemia viruses and especially for
the development of a robust, simple blood test to detect the HIV virus, the
importance of which for the epidemiology of this huge pandemic cannot be

Mr. Dan David, Founder of the Dan David Prize

    Dan David, who immigrated to Israel in 1961 from Romania,
brought with him a dream: to develop new technologies in the field of
commercial photography. In 1965, his cousin presented him with a loan of
$200,000 with an unlimited payback date. This enabled him to fulfil his
dream. He developed the automatic photo booth which rapidly became a great

    This defining experience lead the way to Dan David founding the
Dan David Foundation and the Dan David Prize, rewarding those who have made a
lasting impact on society and helping young students and entrepreneurs become
the scholars and leaders of the future.

    This is Dan David's philosophy: "Money is a measure of success
like Celsius degrees for temperature; it is not a purpose in itself. Success
can be a source of satisfaction but money should be put to work for good
causes after personal needs have been met. It is the reason why I chose to
create the Prize, to devote some of my fortune to rewarding and furthering
the work of the eminent figures who have increased our knowledge of our past,
improved our present and helped us forge a better future."

    Today, Dan David divides his time between England, Italy, Spain
and Israel. He is married to Gabriela Fleischman David and is the father of
Ariel David, a talented young journalist. He is president of Fomat Ltd.,
Dedem Automatica Srl, and Photo-Me International Plc, registered on the
London Stock Exchange, and owns 90% of the world's automatic photo booths.
Dan David is engaged in myriad philanthropic projects in fields as varied as
archaeology, medicine, and film.

    Ceramony will be broadcast live: David/2009

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