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Monday 21 April, 2008

Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

New Research Study Indicates Green Movement to ...

LONDON, April 21 /PRNewswire/ --

    - Digital Realty Trust Survey Also Finds that Vendors Need to Articulate 
Green Datacentre Strategies in the Next 24 Months

    Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading owner and manager of
corporate and Internet gateway datacentres, is reporting new research data
entitled, "How Green is Green?" focused on determining the depth of the Green
movement in the European datacentre market. The release of this data follows
the publication of a parallel study of the North American datacentre market.
This European study is based on a recent poll of senior decision makers who
are leaders in datacentres or influence significant decisions related to
datacentre operations at large European companies. The surveyed companies
come from a wide range of industries, a quarter of which are from financial
related services.

    Key findings from the research study and additional data points are
provided below:

    -- 60 per cent of respondents have a declared green strategy.
    -- Firms with green strategy are largely holistic in nature and think
       their strategy must include both the facility as well as the equipment
       operating within it.
    -- Datacentre carbon footprints are a key area of concern: over 60 per
       cent of respondents include the purchase of carbon credits in their
       overall green strategy.
    -- Less than 50 per cent of respondents require vendors to have a green
    -- Less than 35 per cent of survey participants know of a datacentre
       partner with a declared green strategy. The lack of clear vendor
       strategies leads to leniency.
    -- The need for vendors to articulate a green strategy will only continue
       to grow in the next 13 to 24 months: over 60 per cent or respondents
       indicate that this need will continue to increase within the next two

    "At the same time that we conducted this survey of European companies, we
did a study of green datacentre trends in North America. There are some
interesting findings that I believe have relevance to the European market.
The North American survey indicates that forward momentum of green datacentre
initiatives has stalled or even lost ground. The primary culprit appears to
be the lack of clear industry standards for green datacentres," said Jim
Smith, Vice President of Engineering at Digital Realty Trust. "European
companies expressed similar concern about the lack of clear, practical
industry standards, and that could be a harbinger of a similar green
'slowdown' in Europe. Companies are looking to the datacentre industry for
leadership and clarity on how to define, design and operate a green
datacentre. The industry must make this a key focus this year."

A number of additional findings from the research study are as follows:

    -- Respondents feel that there are many potential standards bodies to
       choose from but there is still no clear leader. The key factor for
       this is that the definition of Green is not universally adopted.
    -- No clear definition of 'Green' exists and multiple components are
       currently viewed as green. At the moment survey participants feel that
       coalescence is required around a defined set of principles. Almost 70
       per cent see efficient power usage as the 'greenest' component.
    -- Being "Green" will become an essential selection criteria for vendors
       within the next 24 months: almost 70 per cent of respondents indicated
       that this will be an important selection criteria in the next 24
    -- Green Strategy is expected to grow as a requirement for vendors in the
       next 12 to 24 months, forcing datacentre firms to articulate and
       clarify their green strategies.

    "Digital Realty Trust takes great pride in being an industry leader in
green datacentre design and operations. We are also committed to supporting
industry-wide initiatives to increase datacentre efficiency," said Jim Smith.
"One of the key ways we are doing this is by sharing energy efficiency data.
We are the first company in the datacentre industry to do so, in response to
customers and other end-user organizations who are seeking data and
benchmarks that educate them about the energy efficiency of competing
facilities and about how their datacentre can support their corporate green

    Smith added, "We are also supporting industry-wide green datacentre
initiatives by continuing to be an active member of The Green Grid, which is
doing excellent work establishing standards and best practices for datacentre
energy efficiency. We will continue to be a leader in applying LEED and
BREEAM specifications to our building design and operations. Although these
specifications are not designed specifically for datacentres, they have
tremendous value for institutional building owners like Digital Realty Trust.
These specifications provide a holistic view of how buildings impact our
environment and a proven methodology for minimizing that impact."

    To read the results of the North American study of green datacentre
trends, visit the "News" section at
Digital Realty Trust will also host a Webinar about the results of these
green datacentre trend studies on Monday, 21st April, 2008. The Webinar,
entitled "How Green is Green?" will be conducted by Bernard Geohegan, Vice
President, Europe, who will provide additional data and analysis of these
trends. To register for the Webinar, visit

About the Methodology

    Metrics reported in this study are based on Web-based surveys of IT
decision makers at large corporations in five European countries: the U.K.,
Germany, France, the Netherlands and Ireland. Almost 100 per cent of all
surveyed companies have annual revenues greater than 1 billion Euros. 69 per
cent of them have 5000 or more employees worldwide and 52 per cent over 7500.
All surveyed organisations are "leaders" in setting industry direction based
on expense related to datacentre design and construction. Approximately 60
per cent of the respondents were Managing Directors and almost 13 per cent
are "C" level executives. The survey was conducted in March 2008.

About Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

    Digital Realty Trust, Inc. owns, acquires, redevelops, develops and
manages technology-related real estate. The Company is focused on providing
Turn-Key Datacentre(TM) and Powered Base Building(TM) datacentre solutions
for domestic and international tenants across a variety of industry verticals
ranging from information technology and internet enterprises, to
manufacturing and financial services. Digital Realty Trust's 71 properties,
excluding one property held as an investment in an unconsolidated joint
venture, contain applications and operations critical to the day-to-day
operations of technology industry tenants and corporate enterprise datacentre
tenants. Comprising approximately 1.2 million rentable square metres (12.6
million square feet) as of April 1, 2008, including 186,000 square metres (2
million square feet) of space held for redevelopment, Digital Realty Trust's
portfolio is located in 26 markets throughout Europe and North America. For
additional information, please visit Digital Realty Trust's website at

Safe Harbor Statement

    This press release contains forward-looking statements which are based on
current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and
uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ
materially, including statements related to the growth in the need for
vendors to articulate a green strategy and Digital Realty Trust's intention
to continue to be a leader in applying LEED and BREEAM specifications. These
risks and uncertainties include adverse economic or real estate developments
in our markets or the technology industry; our dependence upon significant
tenants; bankruptcy or insolvency of a major tenant; downturn of local
economic conditions in our geographic markets; our inability to comply with
the rules and regulations applicable to public companies or to manage our
growth effectively; difficulty acquiring or operating properties in foreign
jurisdictions; defaults on or non-renewal of leases by tenants; increased
interest rates and operating costs; our failure to obtain necessary outside
financing; restrictions on our ability to engage in certain business
activities; risks related to joint venture investments; decreased rental
rates or increased vacancy rates; inability to successfully develop and lease
new properties and space held for redevelopment; difficulties in identifying
properties to acquire and completing acquisitions; increased competition or
available supply of data centre space; our failure to successfully operate
acquired properties; our inability to acquire off-market property; delays or
unexpected costs in development or redevelopment of properties; our failure
to maintain our status as a REIT; possible adverse changes to tax laws;
environmental uncertainties and risks related to natural disasters; financial
market fluctuations; changes in foreign currency exchange rates; changes in
foreign laws and regulations, including those related to taxation and real
estate ownership and operation; and changes in real estate and zoning laws
and increases in real property tax rates. For a further list and description
of such risks and uncertainties, see the reports and other filings by the
Company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC,
including the Company's annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended
December 31, 2007, and subsequent reports Form 8-K filed with the SEC. The
Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any
forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise.

    For Additional Information:

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    Chief Investment Officer
    Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

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