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Thursday 19 May, 2011

Eden Research plc

Extension of option period

                                                                                                19 May 2011

                                             EDEN RESEARCH PLC
                                           ("Eden" or "Company")
                                        Extension of option period

Eden  Research  plc,  a leading UK agrochemical development company, today announces  that  its  commercial
partner,  Certis Europe BV ("Certis"), has requested an extension to the evaluation period  provided  under
the option agreement entered into with Eden, as announced on 28 June 2010.

Eden  and  Certis have agreed to extend the evaluation period to 31 December 2011 in order  to  allow  both
parties  to  undertake additional studies with a view to maximising the potential applications  and,  thus,
markets that the nematicide product, for which Certis has the exclusive option, may have.

At  the end of the option period, Certis has the right to enter into an exclusive licence agreement for the
use of Eden's nematicide product in the major markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

The  minimum licence fee (option exercise fee) payable at the end of the option period is $900,000  and  is
calculated as a percentage of the market size of the potential applications that the product is  agreed  to
have. This amount may increase, depending upon the agreed scope of the product at the end of the evaluation

Clive Newitt, Managing Director of Eden Research, said:

"The  additional work being undertaken will benefit both parties; enabling Certis to make a fully  informed
decision  as to the breadth of the rights they may wish to take as well as providing them with  data  which
will be required for registration of the product, thus expediting that process.

For  Eden,  the potential benefits are that the wider the scope of the licence, the higher the licence  fee
and  royalties  that  will be generated. Also, Eden will have a significant amount of data  which  will  be
useful for future agreements and serve as further validation of its products and technologies."

The Directors of Eden Research PLC are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


Eden Research plc                                                                  01993 862761
Clive Newitt, Managing Director

St Helens Capital Partners LLP                                                     020 7368 6959
Mark Anwyl


Eden's  strategy  is  focused  on the development and commercialisation of its terpene-based  encapsulation
technology for agricultural and non-agricultural uses through appropriate regional or global partnerships.

Terpenes  are natural compounds which function as defence mechanisms in many plant groups and are  released
in response to infection, attack by pests, stress or mechanical injury. Terpenes are already widely used in
the food flavouring, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Historically, terpenes have had limited commercial use in the agrochemical sector due to their  volatility,
phytotoxicity  and poor solubility. Eden's platform encapsulation technology provides the  unique,  natural
solution to these problems and enables terpenes to be used as effective, low-risk agrochemicals.

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