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Monday 18 December, 2000


Disposal PLC
18 December 2000 plc ('EPA' or the 'Company')
         Announcement of divestment in Winshare
                    18 December 2000

The  Directors ('Directors') of  EPA today  announce  the
sale  of  its  investment in Winshare Technology  Limited
('Winshare')  for  a cash consideration  of  HK$3,200,000
(approximately GBP280,000), representing a holding period
gain,  in GBP, of approximately 11 % before deduction  of
legal and due diligence costs.

Winshare is a start-up project which develops and markets
front-office components for online stock trading  systems
used by brokers in Hong Kong.  In July of this year,  EPA
invested  US$375,000 (approximately GBP252,000)  in  this
project  and,  in doing so, acquired 50% of  its  equity.
Since  then, Winshare's product development has  gone  to
plan  and an initial prototype system is expected  to  be
ready  for  demonstration purposes by the  end  of  2000.
However,  following the recent launch of  the  new  AMS/3
standards by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, there has been
a  significant  expansion  of interest,  and  competitive
offerings,  in this sector of the online trading  systems
market.  Following a formal project review within EPA, it
was the opinion of the Directors that Winshare would need
to  secure considerable additional marketing resources in
order to maintain its original competitive advantage.

Two  options  were thus considered.  First, EPA  explored
the  possibility  of accepting the cost  implications  of
much greater marketing expenditure to maintain Winshare's
ability  to face the changing marketplace.  Also reviewed
was   the   possibility  of  Winshare  forming  strategic
alliances with other organizations who would be  familiar
with  the Hong Kong broker industry and who could provide
the  necessary marketing expertise and resource.  In  the
course of considering the second option, EPA received  an
offer for its entire interest in Winshare.

In view of the circumstances, the Directors believed that
the  potential  for  its  holding  in  Winshare  had  now
narrowed.  Therefore, it would be more beneficial to  EPA
shareholders  to  sell  its  interest  in  Winshare   and
redirect  the  funds into projects that are  expected  to
deliver more substantial returns in the longer term.

The purchaser   was  E-Partner  Group  Limited,   which
represents a party with experience in the broking  sector
and   which  believes  that  it  can  enhance  Winshare's
operations in future.

The   disposal  of  Winshare  underlines  EPA's   ongoing
strategy  of  optimizing its investment  portfolio.   The
Company  will continue its existing business strategy  of
investing in IT related projects with a focus in the  Far
East.     It   will   actively   explore   new    project
opportunities,   while  monitoring  and  supporting   the
progress of the projects in its existing portfolio.

For further information please contact:

Phill Brown, Corporate Relations Director, plc
Tel : 01274 623478

Benjamin  Ng, Chief Executive Officer, plc
Tel : + 852 2116 5900

Garry Levin, Assistant Director, 
Altium Capital Limited
Tel : 020 7484 4040

Zoe Biddick/Shane Dolan, Biddick Associates
Tel : 020 7448 1000


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