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Tuesday 11 September, 2001


Share Restructuring in CFN PLC
11 September 2001

11th September 2001

               plc ('EPA')

                  Share restructuring in CFN(UK) Ltd ('CFN')

EPA has been pleased to facilitate the conditional acquisition of 30% of
issued CFN shares by iAsia Technology Limited ('iAsia').

The Directors of EPA believe that there will be considerable synergy between
the two companies. From its UK base, CFN plans to offer broking-related
services, specialising in Asian equities. iAsia provides online trading
services to brokers and other financial institutions in the Far East and is
listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The transaction is subject to certain conditions, including the approval of
the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. EPA's holding in CFN, following iAsia's
acquisition, remains at 44% but EPA, as a result of the transaction, will hold
7,645,714 iAsia shares representing 1.56% of the enlarged share capital of
iAsia. Once the transaction is completed, there will be a gross profit to EPA
of £96,300.

Details of the transaction are set out in the notes attached to this

For further information, please contact:

Phill Brown, Corporate Relations Director, plc

Tel: 01274 623 478

Benjamin Ng, Chief Executive Officer, plc

Tel: + 852 2116 5900

Garry Levin, Director, Altium Capital Limited

Tel: 020 7484 4040

Shane Dolan, Director, Biddicks

Tel: 020 7448 1000


1.     EPA has entered into conditional sales agreements, which would result
in a shareholding restructuring ('Restructuring') in CFN and an investment in

2.     In July, 2000, EPA invested £1,199,700 in CFN, taking up 39.99% of its
equity which was adjusted to 44% (the 'Original Investment') in June, 2001
with no additional investment.

3.     The Restructuring contemplated will involve EPA's acquisition of 8% of
CFN's equity from CFNasia Holdings Limited ('CFNasia') for £24,000 and the
acquisition of 16% of CFN' s equity from parties representing the interests of
CFN's management and staff (the 'Management'), for £40,000 in the form of
shares ('iAsia Shares') in iAsia valued at a price of HK$0.70 per iAsia Share
and an exchange rate of £1 = HK$11.15.

4.      Simultaneously, EPA will conditionally dispose of the whole of the
above-mentioned newly acquired 24% equity interest in CFN to a subsidiary of
iAsia, at a consideration of £480,000 in the form of iAsia Shares valued at
the same price per iAsia Share and exchange rate. Part of these iAsia Shares
acquired will be used to pay for the consideration due to the Management in
the acquisition of their 16% equity interest in CFN.

5.     In a series of conditional transactions similar to the above-mentioned
transactions of EPA, CFNasia's 2% equity interest in CFN and the Management's
4% equity interest in CFN will be sold to a subsidiary of iAsia, via plc ('StartIT'), at the same share price and exchange rate.

6.      As a result of these transactions, which are subject to certain
conditions including, but not limited to, approval by the Hong Kong Stock
Exchange, iAsia will beneficially own 30% of the equity interest of CFN.

7.     It is expected that the Restructuring will bring to the EPA group of
companies an aggregate profit of £416,000 (the 'Realized Profit') before legal
and other investment costs, and, result in an investment in 7,645,714 iAsia
Shares which will represent approximately 1.56% of the enlarged share capital
of iAsia. These iAsia Shares will be subject to lock up periods ranging from 6
months to 1 year.

8.     After completion of the Restructuring, EPA will continue to hold the
Original Investment. However, based on the CFN share prices as reflected in
the acquisition by iAsia, the Directors would propose a reduction in the book
value of the Original Investment from £1,199,700 to £880,000. This will result
in an unrealized loss of £319,700 (the 'Unrealized Loss') to the EPA group of
companies. The net financial impact of the Restructuring, after taking into
consideration of both the Realized Profit and the Unrealized Loss, will be a
profit of £96,300, excluding legal and other investment costs.


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