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Forever Broadcast (FOB)

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Tuesday 11 November, 2003

Forever Broadcast

Final Results

Forever Broadcasting PLC
11 November 2003

                       Year Ended 30 September 2003

             Unaudited Preliminary Announcement of Results


   •   Significant progress achieved towards profitability

   •    Strategic review: Disposal of Juice Stations completed

   •    Revenues from continuing operations increased by 48% to £3.7m (2002:

   •    Operating loss reduced to £4.6m from £8.2m

   •    Adjusted operating losses from continuing operations reduced to £0.4m,
        after deduction of central costs (2002: £1.2m)

   •    Substantially improved financial position; net debt at the year end
        reduced to £0.5m

   •    Advertising spend beginning to recover

Commenting on the results John Josephs said:

'Despite difficult market conditions we have made significant progress towards
profitability, and implementing the conclusions of our strategic review.'


John Josephs (Forever Broadcasting) -        07718 752 056 (until 13.00)

Matt Davis (Robert W. Baird)        -        0207 488 1212

Chairman's Statement


During the year to 30 September we have made significant progress along the path
to profitability and in implementing the conclusions of the strategic review
through the disposal of the two loss making Juice stations and the 35% stake in
Splash FM.  The Juice stations showed substantially improved performance, which
allowed the Group to realize net proceeds of £3.5m, which have been utilised to
reduce the Group's indebtedness.  The continuing operations at Tower, Wolf and
Peak have also shown significantly improved results, were in aggregate
profitable, and contributed to central costs during the year.

Results for the Year

The Juice disposals were completed at the end of September 2003 and therefore
the published results for the group for the year to 30 September include all
five stations.

Turnover for the year was £5.4m (2002: £3.8m), an increase of 42%.  The
resultant loss for the year was £4.8m (2002: £8.4m loss), which includes a full
year's goodwill amortisation charge.  The adjusted net loss (excluding goodwill
amortisation and exceptionals) substantially reduced to £0.7m (2002: £2.1m
loss).  Turnover from continuing operations rose 48% to £3.7m (2002: £2.5m) and
the adjusted operating loss from continuing operations reduced to £0.4m (2002:
£1.2m loss).  The basic loss per share was 22.2p per share (2002: 38.9p per
share) and the adjusted loss per share was 4.5p per share (2002: 10.6p per

No dividend is being recommended by the Board (2002: nil).

Operational Review

In the Interim Report published in May we stated we had made 'significant
progress since the beginning of the financial year towards profitability'.  This
progress was maintained throughout the second half and resulted in the Group
trading profitably, before amortisation and interest, in August and September
for the first time since its listing in August 2000.  At this level the results
of the continuing operations encompassing Tower, Wolf and Peak showed an
aggregate profit (prior to central costs) for the year of over £0.2m (2002:
£0.4m loss).

This encouraging improvement has been achieved despite a highly competitive
trading environment driven by the continuing constraints on advertising
expenditure.  Overall the Radio Advertising Bureau recorded industry growth of
3.3% for the year ended 30 June.  In the year ended 30 September we achieved
growth of 48% in revenues at the three continuing stations.  In the second half
of the year we saw the first signs of an improvement in the climate for national

Underpinning the revenue growth has been another year of growth in our listening
audience.  Overall we achieved a 9% increase in the continuing stations with
audiences currently of 86,000 at Tower, 66,000 at Wolf and 126,000 at Peak.  We
now utilise the same format in all 3 stations, the '50/50 music mix', creating
considerable synergy enabling us to produce better quality programmes more

We applied constant pressure to reduce central costs and continue to do so.
During the year we were successful in reducing the overhead cost base by
approximately £0.6m.

The net proceeds from the disposals have been applied to repay the Directors'
Loans of £0.9m, as required by the terms of the Syndicated Loan Agreement, and
to reduce the bank debt at the year end to approximately £0.5m.  Since the year
end the Company has entered into a revised agreement with its bankers to provide
an overdraft facility of £1.5m, which the Board believes is more than adequate
for the Company's present requirements.

The Board, Management and Staff

The need to manage the ongoing business in difficult trading conditions whilst
simultaneously seeking to implement the conclusions of the Strategic Review has
placed a heavy additional burden on everyone in the business.  The Board would
like to express its appreciation for the efforts of our staff, all of whom have
contributed to the significant progress made during the year.

I also would like to place on record my appreciation of the exceptional support,
encouragement and advice given throughout the year by the Non-Executive
Directors, Denis Cassidy and John Whitney.

The Board announced on 4 April 2003 that Eric Lawrence, who in November 2002 had
been given leave of absence to pursue a potential buy-out of the group, had
resigned to seek a career outside the company.  We wish him well.

Future Prospects

We have entered the 2003-04 trading year in a much stronger financial position
with clear signs that advertising spend is beginning to recover and with an
encouraging level of forward bookings demonstrating continuing momentum in
revenue growth.

In this new financial year the Board is confident that it will be able to build
upon the achievements of the year just ended, during which the continuing
stations, Tower, Wolf and Peak were in aggregate profitable, cash generative and
contributing to central overheads.  With a single programme format across these
three stations, we are now well positioned to build efficiently upon the
significant growth in audiences achieved over the last 3 years.

We believe therefore that the opportunity to create and deliver shareholder
value is much improved as we seek to complete the implementation of the findings
of the strategic review process.

John Josephs
11 November 2003

Unaudited consolidated profit and loss account for the year ended 30 September

                                          Unaudited      Unaudited   Unaudited     Unaudited      Unaudited
                                         Continuing   Discontinued        Total   Continuing    Discontinued     Total
                                               2003           2003         2003         2002            2002      2002

                                 Note          £'000          £'000       £'000        £'000           £'000     £'000

Turnover                                       3,657          1,722       5,379        2,482           1,320     3,802

Administrative and selling

 Trading administrative and                  (4,178)        (2,075)     (6,253)      (4,044)         (2,284)   (6,328)
  selling expenses

  Goodwill amortisation                      (2,547)        (1,159)     (3,706)      (2,547)         (1,162)   (3,709)

  Impairment of trade                              -              -           -      (2,000)               -   (2,000)

                                             (6,725)        (3,234)     (9,959)      (8,591)         (3,446)  (12,037)

Operating loss                               (3,068)        (1,512)     (4,580)      (6,109)         (2,126)   (8,235)

Profit on sale of investments                                               112                                      -

Loss on disposal of                                                        (21)                                      -

Interest receivable and similar                                               -                                      5

Interest payable and similar                                              (279)                                  (145)

Loss on ordinary activities                                             (4,768)                                (8,375)
before taxation

Tax on loss on ordinary                                                       -                                      -

Loss for the financial year                                             (4,768)                                (8,375)

Loss per share - basic             1                                      22.2p                                  38.9p

Adjusted loss per share            1                                       4.5p                                  10.6p

The group has no recognised gains or losses other than the loss above and
therefore no separate statement of total recognised gains and losses has been

There is no difference between loss on ordinary activities before taxation and
the loss for the financial year stated above and their historical cost

Adjusted operating loss is calculated   Unaudited       Unaudited    Unaudited   Unaudited      Unaudited
as follows:                            Continuing    Discontinued        Total  Continuing   Discontinued      Total
                                             2003            2003         2003        2002           2002       2002

                                            £'000           £'000        £'000       £'000          £'000      £'000

Operating loss                             (3,068)         (1,512)     (4,580)     (6,109)         (2,126)   (8,235)

Amortisation of goodwill                     2,547           1,159       3,706       2,547           1,162     3,709

Restructuring costs                            132              57         189         130              77       207

Licence application costs                        -               -           -         183               -       183

Write-down in valuation of trade                 -               -           -       2,000               -     2,000

Adjusted operating loss                      (389)           (296)       (685)     (1,249)           (887)   (2,136)

The adjusted operating loss represents the non-statutory performance of the
business before the amortisation of goodwill, restructuring costs, licence
application costs and the write down in the valuation of trade investments.

Unaudited consolidated balance sheet as at 30 September 2003

                                                                     Group           Group
                                                                      2003            2002

                                                      Note           £'000           £'000
Fixed assets

Goodwill                                                             6,770          13,367

Tangible assets                                                        203             584

Investments                                                            473             485

                                                                     7,446          14,436
Current assets

Debtors                                                                951             965

Cash at bank and in hand                                                 -               -
                                                                       951             965
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year
                                                                   (1,861)         (3,987)

Net current (liabilities)/assets                                     (910)         (3,022)

Total assets less current liabilities                                6,536          11,414

Creditors: amounts falling due in more than one year                     -           (110)
Net assets                                                           6,536          11,304

Capital and reserves

Called up equity share capital                                      10,759          10,759

Share premium account                                               10,656          10,656

Other reserves                                                       4,172           4,834

Profit and loss account                                           (19,051)        (14,945)

Equity shareholders' funds                            5              6,536          11,304

Unaudited consolidated cash flow statement for the year ended 30 September 2003

                                                                Unaudited    Unaudited
                                                                     2003         2003         2002       2002
                                                    Note            £'000        £'000        £'000      £'000

Net cash outflow from operating activities            2                           (747)                 (2,230)

Returns on investments and servicing of finance

Interest received                                                       -                         5

Interest paid                                                       (299)                     (133)

Net cash outflow from returns on investment and
 servicing of finance                                                             (299)                   (128)
Capital expenditure and financial investment

Purchase of trade investments                                       (129)                     (289)

Sale of trade investments                                             250                         -

Purchase of tangible fixed assets                                    (86)                     (106)

Sale of tangible fixed assets                                           8                         -

Net cash inflow/(outflow) from capital
expenditure and financial investment                                                 43                   (395)

Acquisitions and disposals

Purchase of subsidiary undertakings                                     -                        54

Disposal of subsidiary undertakings                                 3,550                         -

Net cash inflow from acquisitions & disposals                                     3,550                      54

Cash inflow/(outflow) before financing               3,4                          2,547                 (2,699)


Capital element of finance lease repayments                          (41)                      (34)

Repayment of loans                                                  (915)                       (3)

Increase in borrowings                                                501                       399

Net cash (outflow)/ inflow from financing                                         (455)                     362

Increase/(decrease) in net cash                      3,4                          2,092                 (2,337)

Notes to the financial statements
for the year ended 30 September 2003

1.    Loss per share

The basic loss per 50p ordinary share has been calculated based on the loss
after taxation of £4,768,000 (2002: £8,375,000) and 21,519,225(2002: 21,519,225)
ordinary shares, being the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue
during the period.

The adjusted loss per share has been calculated based on the adjusted loss after
taxation of £964,000 (2002: £2,276,000) and upon 21,519,225 (2002: 21,519,225)
ordinary shares, being the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue
as shown in the table below:

                                                           Unaudited                         2002
                                                    Earnings                      Earnings
                                                   per share                     per share

                                                       Pence         £'000         Pence            £'000

Loss after taxation                                   (22.2)       (4,768)        (38.9)          (8,375)

As adjusted for:

Goodwill amortisation                                   17.2         3,706          17.2            3,709

Restructuring costs                                      0.9           189           1.0              207

Licence application costs                                  -             -           0.9              183

Impairment of investments                                  -             -           9.2            2,000

Net profit on sale of investments /
subsidiaries                                           (0.4)          (91)             -                -

Adjusted loss per share                                (4.5)         (964)        (10.6)          (2,276)

2.    Reconciliation of operating loss to net cash outflow from operating

                                                                                        2003          2002

                                                                                       £'000         £'000

Operating loss                                                                        (4,580)       (8,235)

Depreciation of tangible fixed assets                                                     269           273

Loss on sale of fixed assets                                                                7             2

Amortisation of goodwill                                                                3,706         3,709

Write down in valuation of trade investments                                                -         2,000

Increase in debtors                                                                     (497)           (4)

Increase in creditors                                                                     348            25

Net cash outflow from operating activities                                              (747)       (2,230)

3.    Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in net funds

                                                                                         2003         2002

                                                                                        £'000        £'000

Increase/(decrease) in cash                                                             2,092       (2,337)

Debts repaid/(issued)                                                                     455         (362)

Other non-cash changes                                                                      -          (54)

Movement in the year                                                                    2,547       (2,753)

Net debt at the start of the year                                                     (3,057)         (304)

Net debt at the end of the year                                                         (510)       (3,057)

4.    Analysis of net debt

                                                          At      Unaudited                   Unaudited at
                                                30 September       Non-cash     Unaudited     30 September
                                                        2002        changes      Cashflow             2003

                                                       £'000          £'000         £'000            £'000

Overdrafts                                           (2,602)              -         2,092             (510)

Loan notes:          due within one year                (12)              -            12                 -

Directors' loans:    due within one year               (399)              -           399                 -

Bank loans due:      within one year                     (3)              -             3                 -

                     in more than one year                 -              -             -                 -

Finance leases due: within one year                     (20)              -            20                 -

                     in more than one year              (21)              -            21                 -

Net debt                                             (3,057)              -         2,547             (510)

5.    Reconciliation of movements in equity shareholders' funds

                                                                                        2003         2002

                                                                                        £'000        £'000

At start of the year                                                                   11,304        19,679

Loss for the financial year                                                           (4,768)       (8,375)

Equity shareholders' funds at the end of the year                                       6,536        11,304

The financial information set out above does not constitute financial statements
within the meaning of the Companies Act 1985. The figures in the preliminary
announcement have been taken from the group's draft financial statements for the
year ended 30 September 2003, which will be finalised on the basis of the
financial information presented by the directors in this preliminary
announcement and will be delivered to the Registrar of Companies following the
Annual General Meeting. The results for the year ended 30 September 2002 have
been extracted from the published accounts, which have been filed with the
Registrar of Companies, and on which the auditors gave an unqualified opinion.

Copies of the Company's Annual Report will be sent to shareholders in December
and will be available thereafter for members of the public at the Company's
registered office at 4 Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2AA.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on 30 January 2004 at 5 Osborne Road,
Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2AA.

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