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Friday 11 April, 2008

Fraport AG

Fraport Traffic Figures - First Quarter 2008: R...

FRANKFURT, Germany, April 11 /PRNewswire/ --     
   - Fraport Group Reports Positive Traffic Development Since the Start of 
the Year

    Frankfurt Airport (FRA) served 3.6 percent more passengers in the first 
quarter of 2008. A total of 12,248,854 passengers used the FRA global air 
transportation hub during the first three months of the year. Airfreight 
throughput at FRA rose by 4.4 percent to 513,331 metric tons from January to 
March 2008. Airmail slipped, as expected, by one percent to 22,846 metric 
tons. The number of aircraft movements declined by 0.3 percent to 116,288 
takeoffs and landings, while the accumulated maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) 
increased by 1.7 percent to 6,749,557 metric tons.

    In the first quarter of 2008, the Fraport Group's majority-owned airports 
(Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Antalya, Lima, Burgas and Varna) welcomed a total 
of 16,100,323 passengers (up 4.4 percent) and handled 615,915 metric tons of 
cargo (up 7.3 percent). The number of aircraft movements climbed by 2.8 
percent to 160,423 takeoffs and landings.

    In March 2008, Frankfurt Airport reported a slight 0.2 percent
decline in traffic to 4,438,327 passengers. Airfreight rose during the same
period by two percent to 188,557 metric tons, hitting a new record for the
month of March. FRA's 7,462 metric tons of airmail represented a calculated
7.6 percent slide. Frankfurt Airport registered 40,187 takeoffs and landings,
a four percent drop in aircraft movements. Warning strikes by public service
workers and adverse weather conditions resulted in about 300 flight
cancellations during the month of March 2008. Accumulated MTOWs reached
2,352,898 metric tons, down 1.1 percent year-on-year.

    Due to the Easter travel wave, tourist destinations in
Southern and Southeastern Europe as well as North Africa experienced
exceedingly positive growth last month. Intercontinental traffic, which grew
by 1.9 percent, continued to drive FRA's passenger growth. Contributing
significantly to this development, South American traffic jumped by 36.9
percent because of expansion of the timetable.

    Passenger traffic at Fraport's international locations
developed positively in March 2008. Peru's Lima Airport (LIM) achieved a 15
percent gain in traffic to 696,201 passengers. Serving 395,397 passengers,
Fraport's terminals at Antalya Airport (AYT) in Turkey registered a 7.1
percent year-on-year rise. The

    strongest growth rates were recorded by Fraport's two holiday
airports on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast: Burgas Airport (BOJ) registered
1,354 passengers last month (up 25.6 percent), while Varna Airport (VAR) had
22,751 passengers (up 16.7 percent). In contrast, Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)
experienced a slide in passenger traffic. HHN welcomed 289,253 passengers
(down seven percent) in March 2008. A total of 5,842,886 passengers (up 1.6
percent) used the Fraport Group's six majority-owned airports last month.
Cargo (airfreight and airmail) throughput for these airports hit 223,071
metric tons in the same period (up four percent).

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Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures - March 2008

                         March     Change(2)     Jan. - Mar.     Change(2)
                         2008    Mar.08/Mar.07     2008        Jan.-Mar.08/07
    Passengers(1)      4,438,327      -0.2 %     12,248,854          3.6 %

    in metric tons       188,557       2.0 %        513,331          4.4 %
    in metric tons         7,462      -7.6 %         22,846         -1.0 %
    Movements(3)          40,187      -4.0 %        116,288         -0.3 %
    in metric tons     2,352,898      -1.1 %      6,749,557          1.7 %
    share of punctual
    arrivals and departures 
    in percent              71.1         -             68.9            -

(1) Total traffic (arrivals + departures + transit)

(2) Change over previous year

(3) Excluding military flights

ANR 10/2008 > April 11, 2008

Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for March 2008

    Airports   Passengers(1)  Change    Cargo    Change   Aircraft    Change
                 absolute      in %   in metric   in %   Movements     in %
                                      tons (incl.        absolute  
    (FRA)        4,437,930     -0.2    193,985     1.7    40,187       -4.0
    (AYT)(2)       395,397      7.1        n.a.    n.a.    3,189        9.5
    Burgas           1,354     25.6        264     n.a.      290       57.6
    Frankfurt-Hahn 289,253     -7.0     11,044    18.6     2,979      -14.2
    (LIM)(3)       696,201     15.0     17,779    24.0     8,258       12.6
    (VAR)           22,751     16.7        n.a.    n.a.      562       26.9
    Group(4)     5,842,886      1.6    223,071     4.0    55,465       -1.3


(1) Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit)

(2) Terminal 1 + domestic terminal (adjusted for base value 2007)

(3) Figures provided by LIM

    (4) Base value 2007 = Group Airports (majority owned) as of 2007, plus 
AYT domestic terminal

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