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Wednesday 13 February, 2008

Fraport AG

Fraport Traffic Figures - January 2008: Passeng...

FRANKFURT, Germany, February 13 /PRNewswire/ --

- Group Traffic Development Gets Positive Start into the New Year

    Frankfurt Airport (FRA)(LSE: FRG) reported a good start to the 2008
year, with passenger traffic surging ahead by 3.7 percent. A total of
3,957,951 passengers used the FRA international air transportation hub last
month - more than in any previous January. The airport also achieved monthly
records in airfreight, aircraft movements, and accumulated maximum takeoff
weights (MTOWs) at the beginning of the year.

    Reaching 156,020 metric tons, airfreight throughput grew by
4.6 percent in January 2008. FRA also enjoyed a 2.8 percent gain in airmail
tonnage to 8,100 metric tons. The number of aircraft movements climbed by 0.7
percent to 38,115 takeoffs and landings. MTOWs increased by 1.7 percent to
2,214,143 metric tons.

    A 4.6 percent rise in European traffic proved to be the major
force driving growth in FRA's passenger figures. Migration of Cologne/Bonn
air services to the rail network resulted in the expansion of other flight
offerings. Moreover, special rates initiated by the traditional scheduled
airlines in response to competition from low-cost carriers further stimulated

    At the same time, intercontinental traffic experienced 3.6
percent growth. Jumping by 43.5 percent, South America achieved the strongest
growth rate in the intercontinental sector, thanks to numerous new flight
connections. Results were also noticeable from the 5.4 percent increase in
flight offerings to the North American market.

    The Fraport Group's six majority-owned airports (Frankfurt,
Frankfurt-Hahn, Antalya, Lima, Burgas and Varna) served a total of 5,190,131
passengers in January 2008 - 3.9 percent more than in the same month last
year. Lima Airport (LIM) in Peru welcomed 674,368 passengers (up 22.6
percent). Traffic at Burgas Airport (BOJ) rose by 323.2 percent to 6,538
passengers, while Varna Airport (VAR) - Fraport's second airport in Bulgaria
- reported a three percent gain to 15,351 passengers. Fraport's terminals at
Antalya Airport (AYT) in Turkey saw traffic dip by nine percent to 310,512
passengers. Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) recorded 225,726 passengers (down 16.2

    Total cargo (airfreight and airmail) tonnage at Fraport's
majority-owned airports increased by 7.8 percent in January 2008 to 191,719
metric tons. The number of aircraft movements climbed by 3.8 percent to
52,821 takeoffs and landings.

Frankfurt Airport - Traffic Figures for January 2008

                           January 2008            Change (2)
                                                    Jan. 08/
                                                    Jan. 07

       Passengers (1)        3,957,951               3.7 %            
       Airfreight (1)          156,020               4.6 %
     (in metric tons)   
         Airmail                 8,100               2.8 %
     (in metric tons)     
    Aircraft Movements (3)      38,115               0.7 %   
          MTOWs              2,214,143               1.7 %
     (in metric tons)      
       Punctuality                69.0
    (share of punctual
       arrivals and 
    departures in percent)

    (1) Total traffic (including General Aviation)
    (2) Change over previous year
    (3) Excluding military flights

Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for January 2008

                      Passengers(1) Change  Cargo    Change  Aircraft  Change
                       absolute      in % in metric   in %   Movements      
                                            tons             absolute    in %
    Frankfurt(FRA)      3,957,636    3.7  162,382     4.3     38,115      0.7   
    Antalya (AYT)(2)      310,512   -9.0     n.a.     n.a.     2,889      1.4
    Burgas (BOJ)            6,538  323.2      195     n.a.       323    139.3  
    Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)  225,726  -16.2    8,163    39.5      2,850     -5.8

    Lima (LIM)(3)         674,368   22.6   20,979    28.6      8,197     23.3

    Varna (VAR)            15,351    3.0     n.a.     n.a.       447     24.5

    Fraport Group(4)    5,190,131    3.9  191,719     7.8     52,821      3.8

    (1) Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit)
    (2  Terminal 1 + domestic terminal (adjusted for base value 2007)
    (3) Figures provided by Lima
    (4) Base value 2007 = Group airports (majority investments) as of 2007,
        plus AYT domestic terminal

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