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Tuesday 05 October, 2010

FreshTL plc

Daresbury Innovation Centre, Tuesday 5th Octobe...

                                                FreshTL PLC

                                              ("the Company)

                           Daresbury Innovation Centre, Tuesday 5th October 2010

The  trading  subsidiary  of the Company, Fresh T Limited (FreshTL), issued the  following  statement  this

FreshTL  and  Bricsys NV, announced today that Vondle Live has been added to the list of "Integrated  Apps"
available on the IBM LotusLive platform.

Bricsys  NV of Belgium is the developer of Vondle Live, a cloud based application. FreshTL is the worldwide
distributor of the product.

LotusLive delivers cloud-based, integrated email, Web conferencing, social networking and collaboration for

Vondle Live enables users of LotusLive to view documents straight from their web browser.

FreshTL, an IBM Business Partner, was appointed by Bricsys NV as the worldwide distributor for Vondle  Live
in July 2009

"This  marks  the  culmination of months and months of hard work on the part of FreshTL,  Bricsys  and  the
LotusLive  team  at  IBM.  The  Vondle Live Viewer supports more than 70 different  file  types,  including
specialist  formats  used  by CAD and other software. LotusLive users will now be  able  to  upload  multi-
megabyte  files and allow someone else to share them almost instantly, in a meeting or on site  -  wherever
they are in the world." John McGuire, Chief Executive FreshTL

"Vondle Live makes it even easier to share files in LotusLive.  Previously, to view a document in LotusLive
you  had  to  download  it first. With the Vondle Live Viewer, you can view documents  straight  from  your
browser.  There is no need to download them or have a local copy of the application installed. Vondle  Live
also allows users to annotate and print documents from the browser. LotusLive identifies each version of  a
document and Vondle Live keeps a record of all the annotations made by each party, for each version"
Erik De Keyser, Chief Executive, Bricsys

"Vondle Live integrates seamlessly into LotusLive and provides our customers a simple way to view even  the
most  complex  documents," said  Sean Poulley, VP Online Collaboration at IBM.  "The Vondle Live  app,  the
first  one  developed  by a European-based partner, adds to the value LotusLive delivers  to  companies  by
reducing complexity and improving collaboration."

For further Information visit or contact:

Stephen Blank , Finance Director

T: 0161 408 0962  E [email protected]

Oliver Rigby, Daniel Stewart & Company plc

T: 020 7776 6550

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