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Jenners,Princes St (32HE)


Friday 01 October, 1999

Jenners,Princes St

Interim Results

1 October 1999


Sales  in  the  half  year  to 31st July were  2%  below  last  year
reflecting  the difficult trading conditions experienced nation-wide
in  the  retail  industry.   Catering operations  were  particularly
affected by the six month construction period for the 'Rhodes &  Co.
at  Jenners' brasserie which has now been successfully opened to the

An   increase  of  3%  in  pre-tax  profits  has  been  achieved  by
controlling costs within budget and with the additional profit  from
the gift shop at the former Royal Yacht Britannia.

The  results  for the full year will depend on the important  period
before Christmas.  However we are now beginning to benefit from  the
shopfitting improvements in the menswear and foodhall areas and  the
introduction of all year round Sunday trading.

Work  on  Year  2000 compliance is nearing completion  and  will  be
finished  before  the  year  end.  Although  the  operation  of  our
business  depends  to  some degree on the computer  systems  of  our
suppliers  the Board is satisfied that appropriate action  is  being
taken to minimise the risks involved.

An interim dividend on the Ordinary Shares of 80p per share has been
declared  and  will  be payable on 5th November to  members  on  the
register  at  31st  October  1999.  This  increase  in  the  interim
dividend  should not be taken as an indication of the likely  amount
of the final dividend.

By order of the Board

E. Barclay

1st October 1999

                            Half Year to            Year to
                             31st July            31st January
                           1999          1998          1999
                          £'000         £'000         £'000
Turnover (excluding      19,695         20,134        46,763
VAT)                     ======         ======        ======

Trading Profit              518            462         3,376
Other Income                584            608         1,304
                         ------         ------        ------
Profit on Ordinary                                    
Activities before         1,102          1,070         4,680

Taxation                   (334)         (332)       (1,615)
                         ------         ------        ------
Profit after Taxation       768            738         3,065
                         ======         ======        ======
Dividends on:                                              
Preference Shares            71             71           142
Ordinary Shares             672            613         1,100
                         (80p)          (73p)         (131p)
                         ------         ------        ------
                            743            684         1,242
                         ======         ======        ======

1.The  information  disclosed above does  not  constitute  statutory
  accounts.  The  accounts for the year to  31st  January  1999,  on
  which  the  Auditors made an unqualified report, have been  lodged
  with the Registrar of Companies.

2.This  information  will  be  sent  to  shareholders  and  will  be
  available  to  members  of the public at the company's  registered
  office, 48 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 2YJ.


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