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Wednesday 10 May, 2000 PLC

J2C Runs #300 mln B2B Tender PLC
10 May 2000

                  ('J2C' or 'the Company')
              J2C Runs £300 million B2B Tender
J2C  ( is totally  focused  on  deriving
transactional revenues from B2B e-commerce worldwide and  is
the  UK's  largest  quoted operator of  business-to-business
('B2B')   vertical  trading  communities.   These   vertical
communities  are  designed to benefit  from  the  Internet's
ability  to  allow  businesses in  the  same  industries  to
communicate  and  trade with each other on-line.   Following
its  recent  flotation on the Alternative Investment  Market
and  the  establishment  of  ('e-cement')   in
conjunction with Blue Circle Industries PLC ('Blue Circle'),
J2C is now pleased to announce e-cement's first B2B tender.

e-cement, the B2B e-commerce company launched just over  two
months  ago,  has posted what is believed to be the  largest
ever  B2B procurement transaction on the web in Europe.   e-
cement  is  an  independently trading joint venture  between
Blue  Circle with a 60% holding and J2C with 40%.   e-cement
provides  an online procurement and global trading  platform
for  the  cement manufacturing and associated  sectors.   e-
cement plans to give users, who include both large and small
cement manufacturers the opportunity to purchase a range  of
products on-line at reduced costs in less time and with less
administration compared with present processes.

e-cement has begun the e-tendering process for £300  million
of  coal  and pet coke to be used in Blue Circle  Industries
cement  kilns.   The e-tendering process,  developed  by  e-,  is unique because it enables the  most  complex
items or services to be evaluated and traded on the web with
greater efficiency and speed than ever before.

e-cement  is  able to research the market and  supply  base,
assist   in  the  preparation  of  specifications,   provide
question  and answer forums and electronically post  tenders
and award contracts in a process which leads to considerable
savings over the traditional paper based tendering cycle.

The  tendering  process  announced today  is  the  first  of
several transactions expected to take place through e-cement
in the coming months.  Three auctions have been scheduled to
take  place  during the summer and several  more  are  being
planned during the remainder of the year.

Apart  from  e-cement, J2C operates five other B2B  vertical
trading  communities: Electric Power,  Pulp  &  Paper,  Road
Transport,  Oil  &  Gas  and Airfreight.   J2C  is  actively
seeking  to add to this portfolio of communities and intends
to  derive  commissions from transactions conducted  through
them,  similar  to the coal and pet coke contract  announced

Karl Watkin, Chief Executive of J2C, said today:

'There  has  been plenty of scepticism over the  ability  of
vertical  trading communities to derive revenue through  on-
line  B2B  transactions.  Today's news should go a long  way
towards  addressing  this.  We stand to earn  a  significant
amount  of commission from one transaction conducted through
one trading community and, of course, we expect there to  be
many  more  such  transactions through all  of  the  on-line
communities which we operate.'

Theo Theocharides, Head of Global Procurement of Blue
Circle, commented:

'The   streamlining  of  our  overall  processes  has  saved
considerable  time and resource and provided a  first  class
communication  forum  to  our  supplier  community.  We  are
expecting overall savings in the region of 10%, for which e-  has  provided  an excellent  platform.   We  are
delighted to be part of it.'

Chris Shelley, Managing Director of, said:

'This  is  a  dramatic first example of the way  we  aim  to
facilitate  improved efficiency and competitiveness  in  the
cement sector and its associated industries.  By using  this
unique  web based system we can prove the tangible  benefits
of  B2B  by  reducing  costs  and  reducing  time  spent  on
transactions in very traditional industry sectors.  This  is
only the beginning.'

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