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Thursday 16 March, 2000 PLC

Statement re PLC
16 March 2000

                   JUST2CLICKS.COM PLC to hold US$150 million Auction of Fuel
                        Contracts ('e-cement') has been established as an  on-
line trading community for the global cement industry.  e- is a 60:40 joint venture, owned by Blue Circle
Industries  PLC  and  plc,  the  recently
floated   B2B   operator  of  on-line  vertical   trading

Following  last week's announcement of the launch  of  e-
cement  as the cement industry's leading content provider
and   market  maker,  e-cement  now  announces  the   key
components  of a 12 month strategy designed to  establish
its position in the global cement industry.

* e-cement will be holding its first major auction within
  the next 90 days, in which up to US$150 million of fuel
  purchase  contracts will be offered for  sale  by  Blue
  Circle.  e-cement is also simultaneously  developing  a
  catalogue-based  e-procurement  and  surplus  inventory
  auctioning system for plant and spare parts.

* e-cement  believes there is an opportunity as a  market
  maker  to  secure a significant share of the industry's
  procurement spend, which is thought to be between US$20
  to US$30 billion annually.

* e-cement's  overall objective is to bring together  the
  independent players in the cement industry, with a view
  to  creating  the  necessary liquidity  to  provide  an
  efficient and sophisticated marketplace.  To this  end,  is  actively  looking  to  recruit  other
  industry  players as equity partners. Blue Circle  will
  itself  be bringing significant liquidity to the market
  of several hundred million USD in the next 12 months.

Karl  Watkin,  Chief  Executive of  plc,

'The  cement  industry itself may not be  sexy,  but  the
potential  revenue streams for e-cement  and  Just2clicks
certainly seem to be.  As I have said all along, the  B2B
market  is  all-pervasive.  Any industry with operational
inefficiencies  and  high transaction  costs  can  surely
benefit   from   this  trading  revolution.    From   our
perspective,  the customers are easier to identify,  they
are  more loyal and they represent a far larger potential
marketplace   than   the   business-to-consumer   market.
Just2clicks   is   committed  to  the  establishment   of
liquidity  in the market place.  This latest  deal  is  a
good  example of how flexible we are prepared  to  be  to
create an independent market place.'

Chris Shelley, Managing Director of, added:

'These are exciting times for the cement industry.  I  am
delighted  to  be involved at the cutting  edge  of  what
should  facilitate a revolution in cement  equipment  and
product  trading.   This joint venture  between  BCI  and
Just2clicks  is  the first step that  will  see  e-cement
develop as a truly independent community and market place
for  the  cement  industry, and as such we  are  actively
developing  relationships with other industry players  to
reinforce independence and liquidity.'
                                            16 March 2000
Editors Notes:

The  starting point for was the launch of  a
news and information service, which offers detailed up-to-
the-minute  news,  as  well as a comprehensive  technical
support  facility  for  cement  manufacturers  and  other
suppliers to the industry.  This service is already fully

The  next  stage is to develop an e-procurement  service,
which    will   derive   commissions   from   procurement
transactions  for  cement  related  capital   plant   and
associated  capital equipment, as well as internationally
traded cement and clinker, which combined are potentially
a multi-billion dollar market.

The  cement industry is a major user of a wide  range  of
capital  equipment and parts with applications  in  other
strategic   industries,   such   as   power   generation,
contracting   and  heavy  building  materials.    It   is
therefore   intended   to  create  a   large   electronic
marketplace to enable excess inventories to be reduced, a
parts  inventory pool to be created and a wider range  of
suppliers  to  be  accessed by  users.   Equipment  would
include such items as coal mills, grinding mills,  mobile
plant, cranes, motors, pumps and valves.  will  also provide an integrated  logistics
and  shipping  service to enable all transactions  to  be
fully  completed  and  for  delivery  of  the  goods  and
equipment to be promptly and efficiently effected.

Enquiries:                           Tel: 0207 872 5675
Chris Shelley                          Mobile: 07720 068259
Managing Director
Karl Watkin                            Mobile: 07808 690069
Chief Executive Officer

College Hill                           Tel: 020 7457 2020
Nicola Weiner
Archie Berens


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