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Kookmin Bank (KBKD)


Tuesday 31 July, 2001

Kookmin Bank

Record Date

Kookmin Bank
31 July 2001

     The Record Date of the Shareholders' Meeting for Approval of the Merger

Based on Article 5, Section 6, of the Act on Structural Improvement of the
Financial Industry and Article 17, from the Articles of Incorporation of Kookmin
Bank, record date is set to determine shareholders who are eligible to vote at
the meeting of shareholders for approval of the merger. Accordingly, the
restriction period of share transfers is set pursuant to the shareholders'
meeting for approval of the merger as follows;

1.  Record Date: August 8, 2001 

2.  Restriction Period of share transfers: August 9, 2001 - August 20, 2001


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