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Kookmin Bank (KBKD)


Tuesday 17 April, 2001

Kookmin Bank

Stmnt re Merger Conditions

Kookmin Bank
13 April 2001

Both Kookmin and H&CB have agreed on the merger conditions on April 11, 2001.

Details of Merger Conditions for the Merger Contract:

1.  Merger Type: In principle a New Bank will be established and will absorb
both banks (but if there is a restriction acknowledged by both banks in the
process of establishing the new entity the surviving entity will be Kookmin

2. Bank Name : Kookmin Bank (however, if Kookmin Bank becomes the surviving
entity then the bank name will be H&CB).

3. Merger ratio:  1:1.6883

4. Expected Effective Merger Date: October 31, 2001 (however depending on the
date of receiving approval from the Korean government or US SEC, the effective
merger date is subject to change).

5. Signing of Merger Contract : the Merger Contract will be signed as soon as
possible after holding both banks board of directors meeting.

6. Others : We will disclose the detailed process such as the approval for the
merger by the board of directors once they are confirmed.


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