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Thursday 31 March, 2011


Admission Announcement


The  Directors  of Mandarin Mining Plc ("the Company") are pleased to announce that the Company  has  today
been admitted to the PLUS market.

The  Company is classified under Section 87 of the FTSE Global Classification System, Speciality and  Other

The  Company  has  admitted its entire issued share capital. The Company currently has in issue  15,000,000
Ordinary shares of GBP 0.01 each and has also drawdown on Convertible Loan Notes amounting to GBP150,000.


Mandarin  Mining  plc  has been established by the directors as a means to invest in or  acquire  companies
engaged in the prospecting or mining of minerals in Asia.

The  Directors  have therefore obtained a PLUS - quoted listing and trading facility for the  Company  that
will look to explore and exploit investments or acquisitions in this sector.

Investment Strategy

The  Directors who have experience in the natural resources sector believe there are a number  of  exciting
opportunities in the mining sector. The investment criteria is to find mineral mining assets in  Asia  with
significant capital growth potential.

The Directors intend that the initial opportunities will be carefully selected, taking account of available
resources. If required to carry out an acquisition, the Directors will seek external finance.

The Directors believe they have the relevant experience and access to experts, to deliver opportunities and
intend  to  utilise this experience in making investments and acquisitions in the chosen sector. They  will
use  their  collective experience to identify appropriate investment opportunities, undertake due diligence
and  negotiate agreements. However, in the event that the company has not made a material investment within
one  year following admission it will either seek shareholder's approval in respect of each subsequent year
for the further pursuit of its investment strategy or return its remaining cash to shareholders.

Investment Development Criteria

The  Company  will seek investment and management opportunities through the investment of  capital  by  the
issue  of  new ordinary shares or other securities in the Company where part of or all of the consideration
could  be  satisfied  by that means. The opportunities would generally have some or all  of  the  following
characteristics, namely:

    *   Opportunities initially in the Company's target sector of minerals.

    *   Assets that are based in the target geographical area of Asia.

    *   Potential for significant capital growth.

    *   Opportunities where the vendors would consider the issuance of new ordinary shares as part of or
        all of the consideration of the transaction.


Enrique Lõpez de Mesa, aged 46, Non-Executive Chairman

Enrique  Julian Joseph Bernard López de Mesa graduated from McGill University in 1986 with  a  Bachelor  of
Arts  degree  in  Economics  and  from  the University of Toronto  in  1995  with  a  Masters  of  Business
Administration qualification.  He began his career in the investment banking arm of Barclays Plc, where  he
spent  seven years.  He then served as a director of corporate finance at St James Securities (which became
Northern  Securities  Inc).  Later  from 2000 to 2002, he was a director  of  corporate  finance  of  Price
Waterhouse  Coopers  Securities  Inc.  His  investment banking and  corporate  finance  experience  at  PWC
Securities  and  Barclays Plc's investment bank includes debt and equity issues, M&A and  valuations  in  a
variety of sectors.  From 2002 to 2007, he was a vice president of Kingsway Capital of Canada Inc.  He  has
held  office  as  chief executive officer and president of Alpaca Resources Inc. and Southern  Oregon  Gold
Corp.  He  has  been  a  director of Veraz Petroleum Limited and a non-executive  chairman  of  Petrolympic
Limited, since 2007. He has been president and chief operating officer of Sino Vanadium Inc. from May  2010
to March 2011.

Seng Kwoon Lai, aged 52, Non-Executive Director

Mr  Seng  Kwoon  Lai  is  a  practising accountant and member registered with the  Institute  of  Certified
Accountants  of Singapore.  He is also an approved company auditor approved by the Accounting  &  Corporate
Regulatory  Authority in Singapore, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants  in  the
United  Kingdom  and a Fellow of CPA Australia. He joined KPMG Peat Marwick in 1979 and left  as  a  Senior
Manager in 1994 to set up SK Lai & Co., a firm of certified public accountants. He is a member of the audit
committee  of  the  Singapore Sport Council, the finance committee and treasurer of  the  Singapore  Scouts
Association  and the treasurer of the School Advisory Committee of Henry Park Primary School.  Mr  Lai  has
also been involved as a lecturer in the continuing professional education arm of the Institute of Certified
Public  Accountants of Singapore since 1987. He is an independent (non-executive) director of a  number  of
public companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.
Corporate Governance and Internal Controls

The  Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance, whilst taking into account the  size
and  nature  of  the Company.  As the Company grows, the Directors intend that the Company  should  develop
policies  and  procedures, which reflect the principles of good governance and Code of  Best  Practice,  as
published  by the Committee on Good Governance (commonly known as the "Combined Code"), to the extent  that
they are appropriate to the size of the Company.

The  Directors (including members of their family and connected persons) will comply with Paragraphs 46 and
72  and Appendix 3 of the PLUS Rules relating to Directors' Dealings and will take all reasonable steps  to
ensure compliance by the Company's applicable employees as well.

At present, due to the Company's size, the risk and audit management will be addressed by the Board. As the
Company grows, the Board will consider establishing an audit and risk management committee.

Convertible Loan Notes

By  an  Instrument dated 28 February 2011, the Company issued GBP150,000 5 per cent. Convertible  Unsecured
Loan Notes 2012 of the Company to the following investors:

 Name                               Number Ordinary Shares issued        Conversion into Ordinary

 J Y Pook                                              GBP100,000                       3,333,333

 Shoaib Lakhany                                         GBP50,000                       1,666,667

 TOTAL                                                 GBP150,000                       5,000,000

The  principal amount of the Convertible Loan Notes is to be drawn down by the Company with not  less  than
two  business days notice. The principal amount, which has been drawn down, is to be repaid on  31  October
2012 or earlier on the occurrence of certain events of default.  The Convertible Loan Notes carry the right
for the holders to convert the principal amount into Ordinary Shares at any time at a conversion rate of 3p
per share.  The new Ordinary Shares to be issued on conversion of the Convertible Loan Notes (assuming full
conversion) would amount to 25 per cent. of the issued Ordinary Shares as enlarged.

The Convertible Loan Notes carry a coupon at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum in arrears payable yearly.

The  Convertible Loan Notes are to be converted in full into Ordinary Shares on the occurrence of a reverse
takeover of the Company (provided that the conversion does not involve Rule 9 of the Takeover Code), and on
an  offer being made for the Company which would involve a controlling interest being acquired by  a  third
party,  the Convertible Loan Notes may be converted, but would otherwise become repayable.  The Convertible
Loan  Notes  may be transferred with the consent of the Board, which may withhold consent if  the  transfer
would  not  be  in  accordance with the maintenance of an orderly market in the tracking  of  the  Ordinary


In  addition to the Convertible Loan Notes the Company has issued Warrants under the Warrant Instrument  in
respect of a total of 10,000,000 Ordinary Shares exercisable at a price of 3p per share at any time in  the
period to 28 February 2014.  The Warrants have been issued by the Company to the persons and in the amounts
set out below:

Name                                       No. of Warrants for Ordinary Shares

J Y Pook                                                             6,666,667

Shoaib Lakhany                                                       3,333,333

TOTAL                                                               10,000,000

Admission to PLUS

It is emphasised that no application is being made for the admission of these securities to trading on AIM,
or the Official List of the UK Listing Authority or on the PLUS-listed Market.

The  Company  has  undertaken that it has entered into appropriate arrangements with one  or  more  Primary
Information Providers approved by the Financial Services Authority to disseminate regulatory information to
the  market. This information is currently distributed by Bloomberg, Thomson Financial, Reuters,  Telekurs,
ADVFN  and  FT Interactive Data Europe. It is also available to private investors through the  Internet  at and via other licensed Internet vendors.

Any individual wishing to buy or sell PLUS-quoted shares, must trade through a stockbroker regulated by the
FSA, as the market cannot deal directly with the public.

Reasons for the Admission

The Directors consider that the benefits of Admission include:

*   The  ability to enter into transactions with companies, to whom the issue of publicly traded shares
    as consideration is potentially attractive.

*   The increased potential to raise further funds in the future, either to raise additional working
    capital or development capital for the Company, enable a proposed acquisition or investment to be completed
    and/or to raise additional working capital or development capital for the Company once the acquisition or
    investment has been completed.

*   The  increased potential to attract high quality directors and employees by offering share  options
    at some time in the future. The Directors believe that the ability to grant options over PLUS traded shares
    is potentially more attractive to directors and employees than the grant of options over unquoted shares.

The  Directors  also believe that the principal benefits of the Admission are the ability to  heighten  the
Company's profile whilst also broadening the Company's investor base.

The  Directors are of the opinion that the Company has sufficient funds necessary for the Company to  carry
out  its  business  plan and identify and carry out due diligence on potential acquisition  and  investment
targets  and  to  provide working capital for the Company's initial operations in line with  its  corporate

The  Company  will use the funds available for working capital and administration purposes and towards  the
funding to provide the investment required to fulfil its business.

Share Dealing Code

The  Company has adopted, and will operate where applicable, a share dealing code for directors and  senior
executives under the same terms as the Model Code on directors dealings in securities, published from  time
to time by the UK Listing Authority.

Dividend Policy

The  Company  has not yet commenced trading and the Directors consider that it would not be appropriate  to
indicate  any  likely  level  of future dividends until the Company's business  has  been  established  and


The  Company's  Articles permit the Company to issue shares in uncertificated form in accordance  with  the
Uncertificated  Securities  Regulations 2001. Application has been made  for  the  Ordinary  Shares  to  be
admitted to CREST upon start of trading on PLUS.


The  issue  of Ordinary Shares will not rank as a qualifying investment for the purposes of the  Enterprise
Investment Scheme nor be a "qualifying holding" for the purposes of investment by Venture Capital Trusts.

Information regarding taxation in relation to the Admission to PLUS is set out in paragraph 11 of Part V of
the  Admission  Document.   If you are in any doubt as to your tax position you  should  consult  your  own
professional adviser immediately.


The  attention  of  potential investors is drawn to the fact that the purchase of Ordinary  Shares  in  the
Company  involves a variety of risks. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with an  investment
in  a  business in the early stages of development. All potential investors should carefully  consider  the
entire contents of the Admission Document, including, but not limited to, the risk factors described  below
before  deciding  whether to invest in the Company. The risks noted below do not necessarily  comprise  all
those  potentially  faced  by the Company and are not intended to be presented  in  any  assumed  order  of
priority.  Potential  investors should also consider additional risk factors relevant to  their  particular

If any of the events set out in the following risks do happen, the Company's business, financial conditions
or  circumstances, results or future operations could be adversely affected. In such a case, the  price  of
the  Ordinary Shares could fall and investors may lose all or part of their investment. Further  risks  and
uncertainties of which the Directors are currently unaware or which the Directors currently consider to  be
immaterial may also have an adverse effect on the Company.

*   That  whilst  the  Company has enough funds for working capital purposes it is likely  the  Company
    will need to raise further funds in the future, either to complete a proposed investment or to raise
    further working or development capital either through debt, the exercise of existing options or the issue
    of new equity. There is no guarantee that the then prevailing market conditions will allow for such a
    fundraising or that new investors will be prepared to subscribe for Ordinary Shares and Shareholders may be
    materially diluted by any further issue of ordinary shares by the Company;

*   An  acquisition by the Company of a significant interest would most likely be considered a  reverse
    takeover for the purposes of the PLUS Rules, and where applicable the Takeover Code. The costs of a reverse
    are significant and the Company would potentially need to raise further funds to meet the whole or some of
    the  costs of the reverse. However the Company would look to mitigate costs and the need  to  raise
    significant sums via the issuance of further new Ordinary Shares as part of the consideration of the

*   The mineral mining sector is a highly competitive market and many of the competitors will have
    greater financial and other resources than the Company and as a result may be in a better position to
    compete for opportunities. There can be no assurances that the Company can or will be able to compete

*   The  market  for mineral projects is fairly uncertain. The Company may be unable to produce  enough
    revenue to be or remain profitable if the demand for mineral products is inadequate. In addition, in
    certain markets and geographic regions the Company may target, there may not be sufficient demand or such
    demand may be slow to emerge. In general, there are numerous factors that contribute to whether demand for
    rare earth and precious metals products will be sustained.

*   The exploration for and development of mineral deposits involves significant uncertainties and the
    Company's operations will be subject to all of the hazards and risks normally encountered  in  such
    activities. These hazards and risks include unusual and unexpected geological formations, rock falls,
    storms and other climatic conditions, any one of which could result in damage to, or destruction of, the
    Company's facilities, damage to life or property, environmental damage or pollution and legal liability
    which could have a material adverse impact on the business, operations and financial performance of the
    Company. Although precautions to minimise risk will be taken, even a combination of careful evaluation,
    experience and knowledge may not eliminate all of the hazards and risks. As is common with all exploratory
    operations, there is also uncertainty and therefore risk associated with the Company's operating parameters
    and costs. These can be difficult to predict and are often affected by factors outside the Company's
    control. Few properties which are explored are ultimately developed into producing assets. There can be no
    guarantee that the estimates of quantities and grades of resources disclosed will be available to extract
    or able to be extracted commercially. With all natural resources operations there is uncertainty and,
    therefore, risk associated with operating parameters and costs resulting from the scaling up of extraction
    methods tested in pilot conditions. Natural resources exploration is speculative in nature and there can be
    no assurance that any potential deposits discovered will result in an increase in the Company's reserve

*   The  exploration  and  extraction activities of the Company are subject to various  laws  governing
    prospecting, development, production taxes, labour standards and occupational health, site safety, toxic
    substances and other matters. Although the Directors believe that the Company's exploration, production and
    development activities will be carried out in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations, no
    assurance can be given that new rules and regulations will not be enacted or that existing rules and
    regulations will not be applied in a manner which could limit or curtail exploration, production or

*   Exploration  and extraction activities in the natural resources sector will be subject  to  various
    laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment. Whilst the Company intends to operate
    in accordance with such laws and regulations, no assurance can be given that new rules and regulations will
    not be enacted or that existing rules and regulations will not be applied in a manner which could limit or
    curtail exploration, production or development.

*   The market price of minerals is volatile and is affected by numerous factors which are beyond the
    Company's control. These include international supply and demand, the level of consumer product demand,
    international economic trends, currency exchange rate fluctuations, the level of interest rates, the rate
    of inflation, global or regional political events and international events as well as a range of other
    market forces. Sustained downward movements in mineral market prices could render less economic, or
    uneconomic, exploration and/ or extraction activities to be undertaken by the Company.

*   Certain  natural  resources projects involve high capital costs and associated risks.  Unless  such
    projects enjoy long term returns, their profitability will be uncertain resulting in potentially high
    investment risk;

*   Changes to, and failure to comply with, environmental and regulatory laws may adversely affect  the
    Company.  Environmental  laws, regulations and regulatory initiatives are significant  drivers  for
    opportunities in the minerals sector and can fundamentally alter the basis for the performance of companies
    operating in the sector;

*   The success of the Company depends largely upon the expertise of the current directors and their
    ability to identify suitable acquisition and/or investment opportunities in the minerals industry and
    implement the Company's strategy. The loss of one or other of the key directors could have an adverse
    effect on the Company;

*   The  Company's future success will also depend, inter alia, on its future directors and  management
    team. The recruitment of suitable skilled Directors and retention of their services or the services of any
    future management team cannot be guaranteed;

*   Mineral  territories experience varying degrees of political instability. There can be no assurance
    that  political stability will continue in those countries where the Company in the future may have
    operations. In the event of political instability or changes in government policies in those countries
    where the Company may operate, the operations and financial condition of the Company could be adversely

*   In common with other early stage emerging market economies, many Asian countries are dependent on
    sale proceeds from primary commodity production which are subject to fluctuations in world commodity
    prices. In general, these economies have also experienced devaluations, high inflation and high interest
    rates. All these economic risks may from time to time adversely affect the Company's operations;

*   Some  of  the countries in which the Company may operate have maintained strict controls on  access
    to foreign currency and the repatriation of funds. Although exchange control restrictions have been
    substantially relaxed in recent years, there can be no assurance that they will not be reintroduced;

*   The geographic locations of the Company's future operations may present logistical difficulties  in
    the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment related to the operations of the business. Any
    interruption to the working status of such equipment could have a material adverse effect on the business,
    financial condition and results of operations of the Company;

*   The value of the Ordinary Shares will depend, to a significant degree, on the Company's ability to
    identify and make suitable acquisitions in a reasonable timeframe and the success of those acquisitions.
    The Directors intend that appropriate due diligence be carried out by the Company on potential
    acquisitions, but there is an inherent risk in acquiring prospects or companies, which could adversely
    affect the value of the Ordinary Shares;

*   The  Company  has  no  established  trading record and does not  presently  carry  on  any  trading
    activities. The value of an investment in the Company is dependent inter alia upon the Company acquiring a
    prospect or company that meets the Company's corporate strategy. There can be no guarantee that the Company
    will acquire or invest in any prospect or company which meets the Company's criteria or that any such
    prospect or company acquired will be or achieve significant or sustainable value as a consequence of which
    resources might have been expended fruitlessly on investigative work and due diligence;

*   Notwithstanding the fact that the Ordinary Share are to be quoted through PLUS this should  not  be
    taken as implying that there will be a 'liquid' market in the Ordinary Shares. An investment in the
    Ordinary Shares may thus be difficult to realise. The value of the Ordinary Shares may go down as well as
    up. Investors may therefore realise less than their original investment or sustain a total loss of their

*   The PLUS-quoted Market is a market designed for small and growing companies which carry a higher
    than normal financial risk and tend to experience lower levels of liquidity than larger companies. The PLUS-
    quoted Market is not AIM or the Official List and consequently it may be more difficult for an investor to
    sell his or her Ordinary Shares and he or she may receive less than the amount paid. The market price of
    the Ordinary Shares may not reflect the underlying value of the Company's net assets or operations. The bid-
    offer spread of the Ordinary Shares can be significant;

*   It  may be difficult to trade in the Ordinary Shares, which are classed as "penny shares" under FSA
    rules. The price quoted on the PLUS-quoted Market is the mid-market price. The share prices of public
    companies are often subject to significant fluctuations. In particular, the market for shares in smaller
    public companies is typically less liquid than for larger public companies. Consequently, the Company's
    share price may be subject to greater fluctuation and the Ordinary Shares may be difficult to sell. The
    Ordinary  Shares are intended for capital growth and therefore may not be suitable as a  short-term
    investment. Investors may therefore not realise their original investment at all, or within the time-frame
    they had originally anticipated;

*   Any  changes to the market trading environment, in particular to the PLUS Rules could for  example,
    affect the ability of the Company to maintain a trading facility on the PLUS-quoted Market;

*   Past performance is no indication of future performance. Prospective investors should be aware
    that the value of an investment in the Company may go down as well as up and that the market price of the
    Ordinary Shares may not reflect the underlying value of the Company. There can be no guarantee that the
    value of an investment in the Company will increase. Investors may therefore realise less than, or lose all
    of, their investment;

*   The  share  price of quoted companies can be highly volatile and shareholdings illiquid. The  price
    at which the Ordinary Shares are quoted and the price which investors may realise for their ordinary shares
    may  be influenced by a large number of factors, some of which are specific to the Company and  its
    operations and some of which may affect quoted companies generally. These factors include,  without
    limitation, the performance of the Company, large purchases or sales of ordinary shares by other investors,
    legislative changes and general economic, political or regulatory conditions, and other factors which are
    outside of the control of the Company;

*   Stock  market conditions, may affect the ultimate value of the Company's share price regardless  of
    future operating performance; and

*   Continued membership of PLUS is entirely at the discretion of PLUS Stock Exchange Plc.

Investment  in  the  Company's Ordinary Shares may not be suitable for all readers  of  this  Announcement.
Investors  are  therefore  strongly  recommended to consult  an  adviser  authorised  under  the  FSMA  who
specialises in investments of this nature before making their decision to invest.


                Name                                          Number Ordinary    % of Issued Ordinary
                                                                shares issued                  Shares

                Balbinder Singh Sohal                               4,500,000                  30.00%

                Chiam E-Laine                                       4,000,000                  26.67%

                Yahya Mirza                                         2,500,000                  16.67%

                Charles Patrick Ralph Sandys Manners                1,500,000                  10.00%

                Harry McGowan                                       1,500,000                  10.00%

                Barry Nix                                           1,000,000                   6.66%


There  are no interests of the Directors, their immediate families, civil partners (as defined in the Civil
Partnership  Act 2004) and persons connected with them (within the meaning of sections 252 to  254  of  the
Act) as at the date of this announcement and as expected to be immediately following the Admission.


                Director    Current directorships:                         Previous directorships:

                Enrique     Petrolympic Limited (Ontario, Canada)          Planktos Corp (Nevada, USA)
                Lopez de    Veraz Petroleum Limited (Alberta, Canada)      Innocent Inc (Nevada, USA)
                Mesa        Protea Inc (Ontario, Canada)                   Southern Oregon Gold Corp (Ontario,
                                                                           Alpaca Resources Inc (Ontario, Canada)

                Director    Current directorships and partnerships:        Previous directorships and partnerships:

                Seng Kwoon  The Training Advisory Company Pte Ltd          Kingsville Capital Ltd
                Lai         Oceanus Group Limited                          Startech Electronics Ltd
                            LMS Consulting Pte Ltd                         Hengxin Technology Ltd
                            China Milk Products Group Ltd                  Landwind Medical Holdings Ltd
                            Egg Harvest Pte Ltd                            Thai Copper Industries Public Company
                            SK Lai & Co                                    Limited
                            KNP Investments Pte Ltd                        Faulding Distributors (SEA)Pte Ltd
                            Lehman Brothers Bangkok  Riverside             Sino Construction Limited
                            Development Pte Ltd                            Corporate Planning Advisory Pte Ltd
                            Lehman Brothers Thailand Investments Pte       Lehman Brothers Capital Asia Pte Ltd
                            Ltd                                            Corporate Professional Advisors Pte Ltd
                            LB Queensland Pte Ltd                          
                            China Sky Chemical Fibre Co Ltd                
                            Aero Inventory Singapore Pte Ltd               Previous directorships of companies
                                                                           liquidated (see below):
                            Current directorships of companies in          
                            provisional or actual liquidation (see         Bizworks Consulting Pte Ltd
                            below):                                        Santa Rosa Investments Pte Ltd
                                                                  Pte Ltd
                            Oriental Century Ltd                           
                            Celestial NutriFoods Ltd (provisional)
                            China Sun-Bio-Chem Technology Group Co Ltd
                            China Sun Bio-Chem Technology(S) Co Pte
                            Celestial (Singapore) Nutrifoods Pte Ltd
                            Lehman Brothers Asia Pacific (Singapore)
                            Pte Ltd *
                            Lehman Brothers Commodities Pte Ltd *
                            Lehman Brothers Finance Asia Pte Ltd *
                            Lehman Brothers Investments Pte Ltd *
                            Lehman Brothers Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd *
                            Sail Investor Pte Ltd
                            New City Asia Fund Management Pte Ltd
                            TAS Express Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
                            New City Group Funds Management Pte Ltd *
                            NCAT 2 Pte Ltd *
                            NCAT 3 Pte Ltd *
                            New City Asia Trust Management Pte Ltd *

Mr  Lai  is an independent director (non-executive director) of China Sun Bio-Chem Technology Group Company
Limited  ("CSB"), a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands and listed on the Singapore  Stock  Exchange
("SGX")  whose business is corn processing production in the People's Republic of China ("PRC").  In  2006,
CSB  issued  convertible bonds amounting to US$100 million.  In 2009, when the bondholders exercised  their
early  put  options,  CSB  was  not  able to repay the bonds.  Due to  the  difficult  prevailing  economic
conditions,  despite  various  efforts,  CSB  was unable to restructure  its  bonds.   CSB  was  placed  in
provisional liquidation in May 2010.

Mr  Lai  is  an  independent director (non-executive director) of Celestial Nutrifoods Limited  ("CNL"),  a
company  incorporated in Bermuda and listed on the SGX whose business is soy bean processing production  in
the  PRC.   In 2006, CNL issued convertible bonds amounting to Singapore $235 million.  In 2009,  when  the
bondholders  exercised  their early put options, CNL was not able to repay the bonds.   Due  the  difficult
prevailing economic conditions, despite various efforts, CNL was unable to restructure its bonds.  CNL  was
placed in provisional liquidation in December 2010.

Mr  Lai  is an independent director (non-executive director) of Oriental Century Limited ("OCL") a  company
incorporated in Singapore and listed on the SGX whose business is to provide education services in the PRC.
In 2009, the PRC based Chief Executive Offier of OCL admitted to misappropriating substantial funds held by
OCL and OCL was declared insolvent.  After unsuccessful attempts to rescue OCL, it was eventually placed in
liquidation in late 2010.

In  Mr Lai's professional capacity as an accountant he acts as nominee director, or for listed companies as
independent  director,  of a number of companies in liquidation referred to under his  name  above.   These
appointments  were  assumed to enable the relevant companies to comply with local regulatory  requirements,
for  planned  restructurings and where the companies were to be put in liquidation, in order to  facilitate
the  liquidation  process.  A number of these cases were for the purposes of  a  solvent  liquidation.   In
respect of the companies above marked with an * his appointment as director occurred after the company  was
placed into liquidation.


Alfred  Henry  Corporate Finance Limited is acting as the Corporate Advisor for the  Company,  and  can  be
contacted at:

5-7 Cranwood Street

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7251 3762

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.

31 March 2011



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