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Friday 04 November, 2011


Notice of General Meeting


Mandarin Mining Plc ("the Company") announces its intention to change its investment strategy.

In accordance with the PLUS Rules the Company will seek shareholders' approval for the change in investment
strategy  and  to  this  end a notice of a General Meeting, convened for 30 November  2011  at  10.00  a.m.
(Singapore  time), at 600 North Bridge Road, 12-06/07 Parkview Square, Singapore 188788, was   sent   today
to Shareholders.

The only business of the General Meeting is to put forward the adoption of the new investment strategy.

The  Company was set up principally as a means to invest in or acquire companies engaged in the prospecting
or  mining  of  minerals  in  Asia,  however  the Directors have  been  unable  to  identify  any  suitable

The Directors believe there are a number of exciting opportunities in the mining support sector and propose
changing  the  investment  strategy to focus on building up businesses, or  alternatively  identifying  and
acquiring  quoted  and  unquoted  businesses, that are involved in providing  services  and  facilities  to
support,  assist  and  serve  the  natural  resources industries, in  particular  exploration,  mining  and
extraction  of  resources.  The services and facilities that are to be within the scope  of  the  investing
strategy  will include transportation, logistics, processing, testing and storage.  The investing  strategy
will  extend  to  companies  and businesses that are engaged in trading of natural  resource  products  and
commodities,  including  but  not  limited  to coal, owning natural  resources,  mines  and  tenements  and
exploration  and  extraction  rights  for natural resources of any kind,  developing  and  construction  of
infrastructure  for  transportation,  including building roads and  building  and  owning  plants  for  the
conversion and processing of coal to useable fuel in each case in any part of the world, and developing and
owning, directly or indirectly, technologies related to the aforesaid businesses.

By actively investing in businesses with complementary areas of expertise, which may for example include in
relation to the natural resource sector, including exploration, processing, inspection, testing and similar
activities, the Directors believe that it is possible to generate considerable opportunities for the  cross
selling  of services between the different operations and countries.  The Directors also intend to continue
to  make  minority  investments in such businesses where it would be a passive investor,  but  where  those
investments provide the opportunity for enhancing the growth prospects of the Company.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.


Fook Meng Chan
Mandarin Mining plc
Tel:  00 65 6236 2985

Nick Michaels
Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7251 3762

4 November 2011


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