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McMullen & Sons Ld (53HK)

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Friday 07 January, 2000

McMullen & Sons Ld

Final Results

McMullen & Sons Ld
7 January 2000

Audited  figures  for  the 52 weeks  ended  2nd  October  1999
together with comparative figures for 53 weeks for 1998.


                                                  1999        1998
                                                  52 weeks    53 weeks          
                                                 £'000       £'000

                                                ____________   _______________

Group Turnover                                    39,596      39,444

                                                 ___________   ________________

Group Profit on Ordinary Activities before Exceptional
Items and Taxation                                 4,942       4,403

Exceptional items (see below)                      2,471         687

                                                 __________    ________________
Profit on Ordinary Activities including Exceptional
Items and before Taxation                          7,413       5,090

Taxation                                          (1,893)     (1,451)

                                                  __________   ________________
Group Profit after Taxation                        5,520       3,639

Dividends for the year   Preferred                  (442)       (442)
                         Ordinary                   (192)       (184)

                                                  __________  _________________
Retained profit for the Year                       4,886       3,013

                                                  __________   ________________

Interim Ordinary Dividends already paid               96          92
being per Ordinary & Preferred Ordinary Share     (0.534p)   (0.5128p)

Proposed Final Ordinary Dividend                      96          92
being per Ordinary & Preferred Ordinary Share     (0.534p)   (0.5128p)

The  figures for last year cover a 52 week period whereas  the
previous  year was a 53 week period.  Group turnover  for  the
year  shows  an increase of 0.4% and excluding the closure  of
the bottling line, the increase in turnover was 2.5%.

Profit  before tax and exceptional items has increased by  12%
and this has been held back by the higher costs of the Working
Time   Directive  and  Minimum  Wage  legislation  which   are
estimated  to have cost approximately £450,000 in  this  year.
The  closure of the bottling line after a quarter of the  year
had a positive effect.  Repair and maintenance expenditure  on
our properties is broadly similar to last year.

Exceptional Items comprise profits on sale of properties which
are irregular and distort comparisons between years.

The  Annual  General Meeting will take place on  1st  February
2000 and the Final Dividend will be paid that day.  The latest
date  for  receiving transfers in respect of this dividend  is
the 27th January 2000.


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