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Tuesday 05 February, 2013

Nrj Group

NRJ GROUP - Press release on Revenues of 2012

PR Newswire/Les Echos/

NRJ GROUP revenues at 31 December 2012

4 February 2013

   In 2012, NRJ GROUP achieved growth in consolidated revenues, while moving
        forward with its strong development on free national television.

   Group consolidated revenues up 10.4% to 122.5 million euros for the fourth
                                 quarter of 2012

       Group consolidated revenues for 2012 up 4.1% to 393 million euros

* Continued strong audience growth for NRJ's station (Médiamétrie wave
  published in January 2013),
* Strong development on free national television: revenue growth for NRJ12 and
  successful launch of CHERIE 25,
* Positive developments for business internationally,
* Success of the new musical "1789 Les Amants de la Bastille",
* Solid growth for the Broadcasting business on the current FM and DTTV markets
  and business starting to develop in the new market for HD DTTV.

                               4th quarter                full-year
In million euros               2012   2011     Change    2012    2011   Change  
Music Media and Events         60.7   64.8      -6.3%   202.7   214.6    -5.5%
Television                     24.5   21.6     +13.4%    83.5    77.7    +7.5%
International Business         11.9   11.5      +3.5%    42.7    40.0    +6.8%
Shows and Other Productions    12.8    1.7    +652.9%    15.2     3.1  +390.3%
Broadcasting                   12.6   11.4     +10.5%    48.9    42.1   +16.2%
Revenues excluding  
dissimilar barters            122.5  111.0     +10.4%   393.0   377.5    +4.1%
Dissimilar barters              1.9    2.1      -9.5%     4.3     5.2   -17.3%
Revenues including 
dissimilar barters            124.4  113.1     +10.0%   397.3   382.7    +3.8%

In 2012, the NRJ GROUP's consolidated revenues excluding dissimilar barters 
came to 393 million euros, 4.1% higher than the 377.5 million euros recorded in
2011 (+4.1% on a comparable basis and at constant exchange rates), with 10.4% 
growth in the fourth quarter of 2012 (+10.4% on a comparable basis and at 
constant exchange rates).


In 2012, in a difficult advertising market, the Music Media and Events division
generated 202.7 million euros in revenues, compared with 214.6 million euros in
2011, down 5.5% (including -6.3% for the fourth quarter). This performance
factors in a 5.7% drop in revenues for the radio business in France in 2012
(including -7.5% in the fourth quarter).

The latest radio audience measurement wave for November-December 2012, 
published by Médiamétrie at the start of 2013, has confirmed the strong rate 
audience growth for NRJ's station, attracting 6,195,000 daily listeners(1). On 
a yearly basis, the station was once again the quickest-growing radio station 
in terms of audience shares, while recording its 10th consecutive wave of 
year-on-year growth(2).
In-depth work has been launched on audiences for the other stations and this
approach is starting to deliver benefits for the CHERIE FM station, with all 
its audience indicators progressing over one year(3). Overall, with the 
stations NOSTALGIE and RIRE et CHANSONS, the NRJ GROUP is listened to by more 
than 12 million people each day.

(1) Sources: Médiamétrie 126,000 Radio, November-December 2012, Monday to
    Friday, 5am-midnight, 13 year olds and over - aggregate audience
(2) Sources: Médiamétrie 126,000 Radio, November-December 2012, Monday to
    Friday, 5am-midnight, 13 year olds and over - annual audience share growth
(3) Sources: Médiamétrie 126,000 Radio, November-December 2012, Monday to
    Friday, 5am-midnight, 13 year olds and over - annual growth in aggregate
    audience, audit share, listening time and

In the Television business, revenues climbed 7.5% from 77.7 million euros in
2011 to 83.5 million euros in 2012 (+13.4% in the fourth quarter), despite a
difficult advertising market.
In 2012, the Group continued to develop strongly on the free national 
television market. In terms of audience shares, NRJ12 has confirmed its 
position as the number three new DTTV channel for all audiences combined, while
significantly developing its strong commercial position, achieving the highest 
annual increases in audience shares on the key commercial targets, all channels
combined, including a 3.0% audience share on the target for women under 50 in 
charge of purchases in 2012(4). In December 2012, the Group also successfully 
launched CHERIE 25, its second free national channel, and is now able to offer,
for the first time in France on national television, a channel devoted 
exclusively to women, a preferred target for advertisers.
Alongside this, the Group has continued to record good audience scores for two
of its channels: NRJ HITS, the number one cable, satellite and ADSL music
channel(5), and NRJ PARIS, the strongest-growing channel in the Paris Region,
with its audience increasing by 48% over one year and climbing to record

The International Business division's revenues totalled 42.7 million euros in
2012, compared with 40.0 million euros in 2011, up 6.8% (+6.8% on a comparable
basis and at constant exchange rates). In the fourth quarter of 2012,
International Business revenues increased by 3.5% (+3.5% on a comparable basis
and at constant exchange rates). More specifically, the increase in revenues
over the full year reflects the growth in business in Germany, Belgium and
Finland. In 2012, the Group continued moving forward with this development,
sealing a new partnership in Sweden with SBS RADIO AB. This new alliance has
paved the way for NRJ GROUP and SBS RADIO AB to be Sweden's private radio 
market leader since 1 January 2013. Through this agreement, NRJ GROUP will 
benefit from increased profitability in Sweden from 2013.

The Shows and Other Productions division achieved very strong revenue growth, 
up 390.3% from 3.1 million euros in 2011 to 15.2 million euros for 2012. This
significant increase primarily reflects the success of the musical "1789 Les
Amants de la Bastille", which opened in October 2012 and contributed 11.4
million euros to consolidated revenues. Excluding "1789", the division's
revenues are up 22.6%, driven essentially by growth in the music label 
business, with almost 2 million compilations sold in 2012.

Lastly, the Group's Broadcasting business has continued to see strong growth in
its revenues, in view of its development on the DTTV and FM broadcasting 
market. It contributed 48.9 million euros to consolidated revenues in 2012, 
compared with 42.1 million euros in 2011, up 16.2%. Following a year of 
consolidation and lower investments in 2012, tower Cast once again embarked on 
a major infrastructure development phase at the end of 2012 for the 
broadcasting market, including six new HD channels, scheduled to be deployed 
over two years.

Recent developments and trends over the start of the year
At this stage, the economic environment remains uncertain, with limited
visibility, so the Group is adopting a cautious approach for 2013. To date,
advertising revenues for purely media activities in France (radio, internet and
television) during January 2013 are stable in increase, slightly up on a
comparable basis, compared to January 2012 (i.e. excluding revenues from MFM
after the end of the commercial agreement end of 2012).

NRJ GROUP is one of the leading private media groups in France and an
international player present in 22 other countries, either directly or under
brand licensing agreements with NRJ/ENERGY, the number one international radio
brand, and/or NOSTALGIE/NOSTALGIA. In France, the Group is the private radio
market leader and one of the new players on the television market. The Group is
also a growing player on the radio broadcasting market, through its subsidiary
towerCast, number two on the French broadcasting market. NRJ GROUP is a
publisher, producer and broadcaster, and markets its own media spaces. For
several years, it has been supported by the strength of its radio media and its
NRJ, NOSTALGIE, CHERIE FM and RIRE & CHANSONS brands, as well as its marketing
expertise and commercial power for deploying new media, particularly on
television, and related activities around partnerships, such as Mobile
Telephony, in order to follow and anticipate consumer developments, while
offering a wider range of advertising services for its customers.

NRJ GROUP shares are listed on the Euronext market in Paris (Compartment B).
Codes - ISIN: FR00012169; Reuters: SONO.PA;  Bloomberg: NRG FP.

 The Group will be publishing its full-year earnings for 2012 on 19 March 2013
 (press release published after close of trading on the Paris Stock Exchange - 
                     presentation meeting on 20 March 2013)

                        Analyst and Investor Information
                      NRJ GROUP - Financial Communications, 
                  46-50 avenue Théophile Gautier, 75016 Paris, 
                France Frédéric Patureau - Tel: +33 1 40 71 78 05

              NRJ GROUP - French limited company (société anonyme) 
 with a capital of 810,815.35 euros - SIREN trade register number 332 036 128 
          PARIS Registered office: 22 rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, France

(4) Médiamétrie Médiamat, 2012, Monday to Sunday, 03:00-27:00, extrapolated
    average rate and audience share, 4 year olds and over and targets 
    mentioned, NRJ12
(5) Médiamétrie, Médiamat'Thématik, consolidated audience, Wave 23, Monday
    to Sunday, 03:00-27:00, 4 year-olds and over
(6) Médiamétrie, local TV survey, September-December 2012, base 15+equipped
    with TV in Paris Region, annual growth: September-December 2012 vs
    September-December 2011 in quarter of an
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