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Wednesday 28 November, 2018


Miscellaneous – Urgent Priority

Miscellaneous – Urgent Priority

Notice to the shareholders of the share class:


(ISIN LU1093308333)

of the sub-fund:

Ossiam FTSE 100 Minimum Variance

Luxembourg, November 28, 2018

Dear Shareholders,

We would like to inform you that the board of directors of Ossiam Lux (respectively the “Board” and the “Company”) has resolved, to close the above captioned share class (the “Closed Share Class”) through the full redemption of its shares, in accordance with article 24 of the Company’s articles of association.

This decision is justified by the fact that the Closed Share Class has demonstrated small levels of demand and assets under management have not reached an amount which would be sufficient for the Closed Share Class to be operated in an economically efficient manner.

The full redemption of shares of the Closed Share Class will take place on December 28th, 2018 (the “Closure Date”).

Due to the closure of the Closed Share Class, the Board has resolved to terminate the listing of the Closed Share Class on the following Stock Exchanges with effect on the following dates (the “Delisting Date”). The Board has also resolved to cancel the right of the Closed Share Class to be traded on the following Stock Exchanges with effect on the “Last Trading Date”.

Stock Exchange

Last Trading Date

Delisting Date

Luxembourg Stock Exchange

December 27th, 2018

December 28th, 2018

London Stock Exchange

December 27th, 2018

December 28th, 2018

For the avoidance of doubt, the other share class of the sub-fund OSSIAM FTSE 100 Minimum Variance (i.e. the UCITS ETF 1C (GBP) share class - ISIN: LU0705291739) will not be closed and will continue to be regularly listed on stock exchanges where it is currently listed.

Request for redemption of shares in the Closed Share Class (the “Shares”) may be made in the usual manner for processing in accordance with the Prospectus prior to the Last Trading Date. Such redemptions will be free of redemption charge up to the Last Trading Date. From the day after the Last Trading Date to the Closure Date, no further redemptions will be accepted on the above-mentioned Stock Exchanges.

Please note that the Company does not charge any redemption charge (the “Redemption Charge”) for the sale of Shares in the secondary market. However, shareholders should note that orders in the secondary market may incur costs over which the Company has no control and to which the above disapplication of the Redemption Charge does not apply. Sale of Shares on the secondary market will be allowed up to and including the Last Trading Date. Persons still holding Shares as of the Closure Date will receive a redemption price calculated as follows.

The redemption price per share will be based on the net asset value per share determined as at the Closure Date and will be paid to holders of shares in accordance with the terms of the prospectus of the Company (the “Prospectus”). Redemption proceeds which may not be distributed to their beneficiaries will be deposited with the Caisse de Consignation on behalf of the persons entitled thereto. The right to these funds will expire if they are not claimed within the statutory timeframe.

Shareholders are also informed that this closure will be reflected in the next update of the Prospectus.

Any further information in relation to the termination of the Closed Share Class may be obtained by sending an email to [email protected].

Shareholders should consult their own professional advisers as to the specific tax implications of the closure under the laws of the countries of their nationality, residence, domicile or incorporation. If any of the above is not clear you should seek advice from your stockbroker, bank manager, legal adviser, accountant or other independent financial advisor.

Yours faithfully,

The Board of Directors of Ossiam Lux

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