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Paypoint plc (PAY)

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Thursday 22 May, 2008

Paypoint plc

Preliminary Results

                            PayPoint plc
                         Preliminary results
                     Period ended 30 March 2008

                                                 52 weeks
                                  53 weeks ended    ended
                                        30 March 25 March
                                            2008     2007 Increase
                                              £m       £m        %
Revenue                                      212      157       35
Net revenue[1],[2]                            70       58       21
Operating profit                              29       25       16
Profit before tax                             30       27       14
Basic earnings per share                   31.1p    27.7p       12
Proposed final dividend per share          10.4p     9.1p       14

  * Strong growth in both revenues and operating profit driven by a
    22% increase in transaction volumes
  * Consumer satisfaction 98% [3]
  * Like for like operating margin [2],[4]  of 46% against 44% last
  * Earnings per share 31.1p, up 12%
  * Total dividend for the year 15.7p per share, up 15%
  * UK and Ireland network expanded by 13% to 19,878 terminal sites
  * First full year for our rapidly growing internet payment service
  * International expansion through the acquisition of Pay Store in

David Newlands, Chairman of PayPoint, said "PayPoint has delivered
another set of strong results with increases in both revenues and
profits. We have expanded our UK terminal estate ahead of our targets
and started to roll out new terminals in Romania. We have
rationalised three data centres to one for our two internet service
payment providers, now trading as, and the balance of
our integration work is approaching completion. The acquisition of
Pay Store in Romania is the first step of our international strategy
and the launch plans for our Romanian bill payment service are well
advanced. There remain further opportunities for future growth
through market share gains, new initiatives and new products."

The financial statements have been drawn up to the 30 March 2008,
which covers 53 weeks (2007: 52 weeks).

[1] Net revenue is revenue less commissions paid to retail agents,
the cost of mobile top-ups where PayPoint is the principal and
external processing costs.
[2] Net revenue and operating margin are measures which the directors
believe assist with a better understanding of the underlying
performance of the group. The reconciliation of net revenue to
revenue can be found in note 2.
[3] Source: Mori Ipsos
[4] Operating margin is operating profit expressed as a percentage of
net revenue. Like for like excludes the impact of acquisitions in the
last two years and the additional week of trading in the period under


The business review is prepared solely to provide additional
information to shareholders as a body to assess PayPoint's strategies
and their potential to succeed, and it should not be relied upon for
any other purpose. It contains forward looking statements that have
been made by the directors in good faith based on the information
available at the time of approval of the annual report and such
statements should be treated with caution due to the inherent
uncertainties, including both economic and business risk factors,
underlying any such forward looking information.

Our key performance indicators are transaction volumes, numbers of
terminal and ATM sites, net revenue[1], operating margin[2] and
economic profit[3]. We have met or exceeded all of our targets except
for ATM site numbers.

Operational overview
We have continued to grow in all sectors and particularly in bill and
general payments with the introduction in the prior year of the
exclusive BBC TV Licensing contract. In addition, the year under
review includes 53 weeks of trading. This growth has been achieved
through the success of our strategy to:

  * broaden our customer service proposition and increase the range
    of payments through our network; and
  * grow and optimize our network coverage.

During  the   financial   year,  PayPoint   processed   503   million
transactions (2007: 414 million), an increase of 22%, with a value of
£7.5 billion (2007:  £5.2 billion)  up 44%, driving  revenue of  £212
million (2007:  £157  million). Commissions  paid  to agents  of  £83
million (2007:  £77 million)  were  up 8%,  reflecting a  lower  than
average increase in  mobile top-ups which  carry higher than  average
agent commission.

There has been strong growth in transaction volumes across all

                             53 weeks 52 weeks
                                 2008     2007 Increase
Transactions by sector        million  million        %
Bill and general payments(a)      311      267       16
Mobile top-ups                    151      130       16
ATMs                               15       13       14
Internet payments                  26        4      550
Total (b)                         503      414       22

(a)           Including debit/credit transactions
(b)           Included in the total are 19 million international bill
and general payments and mobile top-ups, for Ireland and Romania
(2007: 8 million)

[1] Net revenue is revenue less commissions paid to retail agents,
the cost of mobile top-ups where PayPoint is the principal and
external processing costs.
[2] Operating margin is calculated as operating profit as a
percentage of net revenue.
[3] Economic profit is operating profit after tax and a charge for
capital employed based upon the group's cost of capital.

Bill and general payments
PayPoint has continued to perform well in this sector, with growth
stimulated by increased agent numbers, client payment options and
brand awareness. Migration of market share away from the Post Office
as a result of its branch closure programme, the launch of the BBC TV
licence payments which became exclusive to PayPoint from 1 August
2006 and the extra week of trading have contributed to growth in

Prepaid energy volumes have increased over the prior year despite
reductions in domestic prices in the first half of the year. The
increase results from our network growth and from our increasing
sector share, particularly in the Midlands, where a competitor lost
exclusivity.   The more recently announced increases in domestic
energy prices should have a beneficial effect on transaction volumes
going forward.

PayPoint has also continued to achieve  strong growth in the rest  of
the bill and general payments sector.

Mobile top-ups
Mobile top-up volumes have increased by 16% compared to last year (9%
excluding Pay Store which  was acquired on 15  May 2007). During  the
year, PayPoint processed £1.1  billion of mobile  top-ups in the  UK,
equating to  26% of  the sector  (2007: 24%).  The two  most  popular
methods for topping up remain e-voucher and electronic top-up.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
New machines have been rolled out at an average rate of 39 per month
(2007: 49 per month).   We have continued to be proactive in churning
poor performing sites for redeployment and this higher than expected
level of churn has reduced the net increase to 13 per month. The
estate has maintained a high number of transactions per site,
averaging over 620 transactions per month (2007: 630 per month),
split between cash withdrawals and balance enquiries, with the latter
representing slightly more than half of the transactions. Installed
ATMs have grown to 2,016 at the year end (2007: 1,860). We have
reorganised the ATM team under new management to focus on sales.  At
22 May 2008, we have 2,076 ATMs., combining Metacharge and SECPay, has traded profitably.
We have completed the first integration phase of these two businesses
which involved the co-location of their hardware platforms at a
hosted data centre (reducing the number of hosted data centres from
three to one) and the provision of full disaster recovery from our
Welwyn Garden City operations base. We have made good progress
towards completion of a single billing platform, the first part of
the second integration phase which will also encompass the
development of new products and focus attention on sales to increase
the merchant base. At the end of the current year, we will merge the
trading companies into a single company to complete the integration.

PayPoint in Romania
Pay Store SRL was acquired, from the RTC group, on 15 May 2007 for
£10.3 million.   Pay Store is one of the largest independent mobile
top-up providers in Romania, selling both electronic top-ups and
paper scratch cards.   The company has traded at a small loss as
expected. We have invested in strengthening the management team,
switched the processing from a local provider to our processing
centre in Welwyn Garden City, built a new sales team, started
branding of our agent outlets, upgraded systems to mirror the UK
infrastructure and developed our bill payment offering. Nearly all of
Romanians pay their bills in cash and are poorly served by existing
payment channels. Further investment is expected as we expand the
network in Romania beyond our original plans.  Pay Store is well
placed to benefit from the migration of paper scratch cards to
electronic top-ups and following the launch of bill payments, to
capture a significant share of the bill payment market as privatised
utilities look to rationalise current inefficient and costly cash
collection channels.

Network growth
Terminal sites have increased to 23,895 (2007: 17,537).

The retail network in the UK and Ireland has grown to 19,878 terminal
sites against our target of 19,500, an increase of 13% on last year.
Terminals in Romania have increased by 756 since acquisition as we
start to build the infrastructure for a national bill payment

A total of 2,833 sites (2007:  2,488) that are already equipped  with
our terminals  also  have Epos  connections  to allow  mobile  top-up
transactions over the retailers' own till systems.

                         30 March 2008 25 March 2007 Increase
Analysis of sites
PP terminal only                17,045        15,049       13
PP terminal and Epos             2,833         2,488       14
PP terminal sites               19,878        17,537       13
Pay Store terminal sites         4,017             -        -
Total terminal sites            23,895        17,537       36
ATM sites                        2,016         1,860        8
Internet merchants               4,808         4,249       13

New service initiatives
PayPoint has continued to introduce a wide range of new services to
stimulate further transaction growth in both cash and new economy
payments.    We are well placed to benefit from the expected
increases in transaction volumes in the electronic money sector from
services such as gift cards, prepay debit cards, saving schemes,
stored value cards and money transfer.    We are established as a
premier convenience loading channel for cash onto both prepay and
stored value cards, which have developed into strong sectors in the
USA and are now being marketed with increasing success in the UK.

We have launched new digital voucher schemes allowing consumers to
redeem vouchers received on their mobile phone at participating
PayPoint retailers.

Financial overview
Revenue for the financial year was 35% higher at £212 million (2007:
£157 million), driven by a 22% increase in transaction volumes and
the increase in revenue from the sale of mobile top-ups[1] in Ireland
and Romania. Cost of sales was £156 million (2007: £111 million), an
increase of 40%. Cost of sales comprises commission paid to agents,
the cost of mobile top-ups in Ireland and Romania where PayPoint is
principal, depreciation and other items including telecommunications
costs. Agents' commission increased to £83 million (2007: £77
million), up 8%, lower than the growth in volume as a result of lower
than average growth of mobile top-ups which carry higher than average
agent commissions. The cost of mobile top-ups in Ireland and Romania
has risen to £55 million (2007: £21m), which drives the
disproportionate increase in cost of sales compared to revenue.
 Depreciation has increased to £4.8 million (2007: £3.6 million) as a
result of new terminals, ATM deployments and acquisitions.
Amortisation of intangibles has increased to £0.9 million (2007: £0.2
million) as a result of the acquisition of Pay Store and a full
year's charge for the internet payments businesses.

[1] In Ireland and Romania, PayPoint is principal in the sale of
mobile top-ups and accordingly the face value of the top-up is
included in sales and the corresponding costs in cost of sales.

Financial overview continued
Net revenue1 of £70 million (2007: £58 million) was up 21%, driven
primarily by volume growth. Operating margin2 was 42% (2007: 44%)
down 2 percentage points as a result of Pay Store's loss. Operating
margin2 on a like for like basis (excluding acquisitions in the last
two years and the additional week of trading in the year under
review) was 46% (2007: 44%).

Gross profit improved to £57 million (2007: £46 million), 23% ahead
of last year, with a gross margin of 27% (2007: 29%). The rate of
increase in mobile top-ups in Ireland and Romania3 is greater than
the rate of revenue increases from other sources, which reduces gross
margin, but this effect has been mitigated by lower rates of increase
in other costs. Gross margin, excluding the cost of Irish and
Romanian mobile top-ups3, improved to 36% (2007: 34%).

Operating costs (administrative expenses) have risen to £27 million
(2007: £21 million), an increase of 32%.  The inclusion of for a full 12 months and Pay Store since acquisition
accounts for 23% out of the 32% increase.   Operating profit was £29
million (2007: £25 million).

Profit before tax was £30 million (2007: £27 million), an increase of
14%. The tax charge  of £9 million (2007:  £8 million) represents  an
effective rate of 31% (2007: 30%). The increase in the effective rate
of tax results from the  disallowance of the charge for  amortisation
of intangible assets.

Operating cash flow was £30 million (2007: £28 million), reflecting
strong conversion of profit to cash. Capital expenditure of £6
million (2007: £7 million) reflected spend on new terminals, ATMs and
infrastructure assets required to combine the two internet payment
providers and £2 million on the acquisition of the fixed assets in
Pay Store. The company purchased £3.5 million of its own shares
during the year to satisfy the first tranche of the Long Term
Incentive Plan. Net interest received was £1 million (2007: £1
million). Equity dividends paid were £10 million (2007: £8 million).

Cash and cash equivalents were £28 million (including client cash of
£8 million), up from £24 million (including client cash of £7
million) last year.

Economic profit
PayPoint's economic profit (operating profit less tax and capital
charge) was £17 million (2007: £16 million). Operating profits were
£29 million (2007: £25 million), up 16%, tax was £9 million (2007: £8
million), and the capital charge was £3 million (2007: £1 million),
which increased as a result of the acquisition of Pay Store, the
funding of working capital in Romania and the capital invested in new
terminal sites and ATMs.

We propose to pay, on 14 July 2008, a final dividend of 10.4p per
share to shareholders on the register on 27 June 2008, subject to the
approval by our shareholders at the annual general meeting. An
interim dividend of 5.3p per share was paid on 21 December 2007
making a total dividend for the year of 15.7p (2007:13.7p), up 15%.

The group has cash of £28 million and an unsecured loan facility of
£15 million with a remaining term of 3 years. Cash and borrowing
capacity is adequate to meet the foreseeable needs of the group.

[1] Net revenue is revenue less commissions paid to retail agents and
the cost of mobile top-ups where PayPoint is the principal.
[2] Operating margin is calculated as operating profit as a
percentage of net revenue.
[3] In Ireland and Romania, PayPoint is principal in the sale of
mobile top-ups and accordingly the face value of the top-up is
included in sales and the corresponding costs in cost of sales.

Financing and treasury policy
The policy requires a prudent approach to the investment of surplus
funds, external financing, settlement, foreign exchange risk and
internal control structures. The policy prohibits the use of
financial derivatives and sets limits for gearing and dividend cover.

Charitable donations
During the year the group made charitable donations of £26,000 (2007:
£33,000) to charities serving the communities in which the group

We would like to take this opportunity to thank PayPoint's employees
for their commitment, energy and enthusiasm in achieving the targets
that underpin the delivery of these results.

We expect further growth in revenues in the UK by increasing market
share in bill and general payments, mobile top-ups, ATMs and from
Post Office closures and we plan to add a further 1,500 terminals,
during the course of the current financial year, to continue to
capitalise on these opportunities.

In Romania, we plan to install 1,500 PayPoint terminals this year.
These will complement the existing terminal base and provide initial
coverage for a national bill payment network.  This investment will
result in losses in Romania in the first half.  In,
which is currently trading profitably, growth should accelerate in
the latter part of the year, following the introduction of the new
single company branding, website and product set in the first half.

Trading since the period end is in line with the company's
expectations.  In the first half, the growth in the core business
will be offset by the continuing losses in Pay Store and the shorter
trading period of 26 weeks (2007: 27 weeks).

The directors are confident of continuing growth for the year
overall, although the impact of the increase in revenue from the
introduction of the exclusive TV licence contract will not recur in
the current year.

David Newlands    Dominic Taylor
Chairman               Chief Executive

22 May 2008


                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                              30 March       25 March
                                                  2008           2007
Continuing operations              Note           £000           £000
Revenue                               2        212,145        157,068
Cost of sales                         2      (155,591)      (111,068)
Gross profit                                    56,554         46,000
Administrative expenses                       (27,354)       (20,798)
Operating profit                                29,200         25,202
Investment income                                1,262          1,470
Finance costs                                     (58)           (75)
Profit before tax                               30,404         26,597
Tax                                   3        (9,424)        (7,859)
Profit for the financial year
to equity holders of the parent       9         20,980         18,738

Earnings per share
Basic                                 5          31.1p          27.7p
Diluted                               5          30.8p          27.3p


                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                              30 March       25 March
                                                  2008           2007
                                   Note           £000           £000
Exchange differences on
translation of foreign operations     9            318              -
Net income recognised directly in
equity                                             318              -
Profit for the period                           20,980         18,738
Total recognised income and
expenses for the period                         21,298         18,738


                                                          As at
                                                    30 March 25 March
                                                        2008     2007
                                               Note     £000     £000
Non current assets
Goodwill                                          6   27,428   18,207
Other intangible assets                                2,742    2,839
Property, plant and equipment                         13,114   11,844
Deferred tax asset                                     1,571    1,572
Investment                                       11      375        -
                                                      45,230   34,462

Current assets
Inventories                                            1,250    1,651
Trade and other receivables                           28,285   20,671
Cash and cash equivalents                         8   27,727   24,324
                                                      57,262   46,646
Total assets                                         102,492   81,108

Current liabilities
Trade and other payables                              45,275   36,228
Current tax liabilities                                7,226    4,115
Obligations under finance leases                          70        -
                                                      52,571   40,343
Non-current liabilities
Other liabilities                                        334      392
                                                         334      392
Total liabilities                                     52,905   40,735

Net assets                                            49,587   40,373

Share capital                                     9      226      226
Investment in own shares                          9    (935)      (1)
Share option and SIP reserve                      9    2,281    1,712
Hedging and translation reserve                   9      318        -
Retained earnings                                 9   47,697   38,436
Total equity attributable to equity holders of
the parent company                               10   49,587   40,373

The financial information in this preliminary announcement was
approved by the board of directors on 22 May 2008.
Signed on behalf of the board of directors

Dominic Taylor
22 May 2008


                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                              30 March       25 March
                                                  2008           2007
                                   Note           £000           £000
Net cash flow from operating         12
activities                                      29,618         28,181
Investing activities
Investment income                                1,252          1,310
Purchases of property, plant and
equipment                                      (5,519)        (6,646)
Proceeds from disposal of
property, plant
and equipment                                      110            194
Acquisition of subsidiaries           7        (8,227)       (19,754)
Investment                           11          (375)              -
Purchase of own shares               11        (3,467)              -
Net cash used in investing
activities                                    (16,226)       (24,896)

Financing activities
Repayments of obligations under
finance leases                                   (246)           (67)
Dividends paid                                 (9,738)        (8,189)
Net cash used in financing
activities                                     (9,984)        (8,256)
Net increase / (decrease) in cash
and cash equivalents                             3,408        (4,971)
Cash and cash equivalents at
beginning of year                               24,324         29,295
Effect of foreign exchange rate
changes                                            (5)              -
Cash and cash equivalents at end
of year                                         27,727         24,324


1.         Accounting policies
While  the  financial  information   included  in  this   preliminary
announcement has  been  computed  in  accordance  with  International
Financial Reporting  Standards  (IFRS), this  announcement  does  not
itself contain  sufficient  information  to  comply  with  IFRS.  The
company expects to publish full financial statements that comply with
IFRS in May 2008.
The financial  information  set out  above  does not  constitute  the
company's statutory accounts for the years ended March 2008 or  2007,
but is derived from those accounts. Statutory accounts for 2007  have
been delivered to the Registrar of Companies and those for 2008  will
be delivered  following the  company's  annual general  meeting.  The
auditors  have  reported  on  those  accounts;  their  reports   were
unqualified and did  not contain  statements under s.  237(2) or  (3)
Companies Act 1985.
The   financial  information  complies   with  the  recognition   and
measurement criteria of  International Financial Reporting  Standards
(IFRS), and with the accounting policies of the group which were  set
out on pages 37 to 41  of the 2007 annual  report and accounts.    No
subsequent changes have been made to the group's accounting policies.

2.         Segmental reporting, net revenue analysis, cost of sales
and gross throughput

(i)         Segmental information

(a)        Geographical segments
The group operates in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Romania but
the group has only one reportable geographical segment as defined in
International Accounting Standard 14 Segment Reporting due to the
fact that principally all operations occur in the UK.

(b)        Classes of business
The group has one class of business, being payment collection and
distribution services.

(ii)        Analysis of net revenues by sector, cost of sales and
gross throughput
Revenue comprises the value of sales (excluding VAT) of services in
the normal course of business and includes amounts billed to
customers to be passed on to retail agents as commission payable, the
face value of mobile top-ups where PayPoint acts as principal and for
Metacharge, it includes acquiring bank charges which are amounts
billed to merchants that are passed onto the sponsoring bank. Cost of
sales includes the cost to the group of the sale, including
commission to retail agents and the cost of mobile top-ups where
PayPoint is the principal in the supply chain.

Revenue performance of the business is measured by net revenue which
is calculated as the total revenue from clients less commission
payable to retail agents and the cost of mobile top-ups where
PayPoint is the principal in the supply chain.

Although there is only one class of business, since the risks and
returns are similar across markets in which the group operates, the
group monitors net revenue (see below) with reference to each sector.

Gross throughput represents payments made by consumers using the
PayPoint service, for bill and general payments, mobile top-ups, cash
withdrawals from ATMs and the value of transactions via the internet.

2.         Segmental reporting, net revenue analysis, cost of sales
and gross throughput (continued)

                                      53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                       30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                                £000           £000
Revenue - transaction processing             210,528        155,659
               - lease rental of ATMs          1,617          1,409
                                             212,145        157,068
Commission payable to retail agents         (83,439)       (76,986)
Cost of mobile top-ups as principal         (55,468)       (21,050)
Acquiring bank charges                       (3,378)        (1,333)
Net revenue                                   69,860         57,699
Net revenue by market sector
Bill and general payments                     30,652         25,737
Mobile top-ups                                25,153         22,633
ATMs                                           6,561          5,751
Internet payments                              4,927          1,623
Other                                          2,567          1,955
Net revenue                                   69,860         57,699
UK                                            66,507         56,757
International [1]                              3,353            942
Net revenue                                   69,860         57,699

 [1] International consists of bill and general payment and mobile
top-up revenue from Ireland and Romania.

                                    53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                     30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                              £000           £000
Cost of sales
Commission payable to retail agents       (83,439)       (76,986)
Cost of mobile top-ups as principal       (55,468)       (21,050)
Acquiring bank charges                     (3,378)        (1,333)
Depreciation and amortisation              (5,719)        (3,815)
Other                                      (7,587)        (7,884)
Total cost of sales                      (155,591)      (111,068)

2.         Segmental reporting, net revenue analysis and gross
throughput (continued)

Gross throughput

                                      53 weeks ended   52 weeks ended
                                       30 March 2008 25 March 2007
                                                £000             £000
Transactions via PayPoint terminals,
retailer Epos systems and sale of          5,931,224        4,826,632
scratch cards
ATM transactions                             328,237          293,287
Internet transactions                      1,286,887          117,180
Gross throughput                           7,546,348        5,237,099

3.         Tax

The charge for the year can be reconciled to the profit per the
income statement as follows:

                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                         30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                                  £000           £000
Current tax                                      9,423          7,935
Deferred tax                                         1           (76)
                                                 9,424          7,859
The charge for the year can be
reconciled to the profit before tax as
set out in the consolidated income
Profit before tax                               30,404         26,597
Tax at the UK Corporation tax rate of
30% (2007: 30%)                                  9,121          7,979
Tax effects of:
Profits / (losses)  in countries where              47           (40)
the rate is different to the UK
   Disallowable expenses                           359             52
   Utilisation of tax losses not                 (103)
previously recognised                                               -
Losses in companies where deferred tax             116              -
asset not recognised
   Adjustments in respect of prior                (88)
years                                                           (132)
   Revaluation of the deferred tax                (28)
balance from 30% to 28%                                             -
Actual amount of tax charge                      9,424          7,859

4.         Dividends on equity shares

                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                         30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                                  £000           £000
Equity dividends on ordinary shares
Interim dividend paid of 5.3p per share
(2007: 4.6p)                                     3,579          3,113
Proposed final dividend of 10.4p per
(2007: paid 9.1p per share)                      7,040          6,159
Total dividends paid and recommended
15.7p per share
(2007: 13.7p per share)                         10,619          9,272
Amounts distributed to equity holders
in the period
Final dividend for the prior period              6,159          5,076
Interim dividend for the current period          3,579          3,113
                                                 9,738          8,189

5.         Earnings per share

Basic earnings per share
Basic and diluted earnings per share are calculated on the following
profits and number of shares.

                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                         30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                                  £000           £000
Profit for the purposes of basic
earnings per share
being net profit attributable to
equity holders of
the parent and for diluted earnings
per share                                       20,980         18,738

                                                  2008           2007
                                             Number of      Number of
                                                shares         shares
Weighted average number of ordinary
in issue (for basic earnings per
share)                                      67,369,600     67,678,187
Potential dilutive ordinary shares:
Long-term incentive plan                       669,449        974,116
Deferred share bonus                           119,903         80,336
Diluted basis                               68,158,952     68,732,639

6.         Goodwill

At 26 March 2007                          18,207
Recognised on acquisition of subsidiaries  9,085
Exchange difference                          136
At 30 March 2008                          27,428

Accumulated impairment losses
At 26 March 2007                               -
Impairment losses for the year                 -
At 30 March 2008                               -

Carrying amount
At 30 March 2008                          27,428
At 25 March 2007                          18,207

At 1 April 2006                                -
Recognised on acquisition of subsidiaries 18,207
At 25 March 2007                          18,207

Accumulated impairment losses
At 1 April 2006                                -
Impairment losses for the year                 -
At 25 March 2007                               -

Carrying amount
At 25 March 2007                          18,207
At 31 March 2006                               -

The group tests goodwill annually for impairment or more frequently
if there are indications that goodwill might be impaired. The
recoverable amounts of the cash generating units (CGUs) are
determined from value in use calculations. The key assumptions for
the value in use calculations are those regarding the discount rates,
growth rates and expected changes to selling prices and direct costs
during the period. Management estimates discount rates using pre-tax
rates that reflect current market assessments of the time value of
money and the risks specific to the CGUs. The growth rates are based
on industry growth forecasts. Changes in selling prices and direct
costs are based on past practices and expectations of future changes
in the market. The group prepares cash flow forecasts derived from
the most recent financial budgets approved by management for the next
four years and extends cash flows for the following eight years based
on an estimated growth rates. Terminal values are based on growth
rates that do not exceed three per cent.

The post tax rate used to discount the forecast cash flows is 10 per

7.         Acquisition of subsidiary

On 15 May 2007, the company acquired 100% of the issued share capital
of Pay Store for cash consideration of £10.3 million of which £2.2
million was payable 12 months after acquisition.

This has been accounted for by the purchase method of accounting.

                                           Pay Store
                                           Book    Fair
                                          value   value
                                           £000    £000
Net assets acquired
Property, plant and equipment             2,046   2,046
Trade and other receivables               2,310   2,310
Overdraft                                  (93)    (93)
Trade and other payables                (3,866) (3,866)
Intangible assets                             -     801
                                            397   1,198

Goodwill                                          9,085
Total consideration                              10,283
Satisfied by:

Cash                                              8,134
Deferred consideration                            2,149
Net cash outflow arising on acquisition
Cash consideration                                8,134
Overdraft                                            93

The goodwill arising on the acquisition of Pay Store is attributable
to the anticipated profitability of the distribution of the group's
products in the new markets.

Pay Store contributed £30.8 million revenue and £1.0 million loss
(including amortisation of intangible assets of £0.3 million) to the
group's profit before tax for the period between the date of
acquisition and the balance sheet date.

If the acquisition of Pay Store had been completed on the first day
of the financial year, the group's results would have been revenue of
£216 million and £21 million profit attributable to equity holders of
the parent.

8.         Cash and cash equivalents
Included within group cash and cash equivalents is £8,001,000 (2007:
£7,290,000) relating to monies collected on behalf of clients where
the group has title to the funds (client cash). An equivalent balance
is included within trade payables.

The group operates cash pooling amongst its various bank accounts and
therefore individual accounts can be overdrawn without penalties
being incurred so long as the overall gross position is in credit. At
the 30 March 2008 the group's overall cash position was £27,727,000
(2007: £24,324,000) in credit.

9.         Equity

                                                       2008     2007
                                                       £000     £000
Authorised share capital
4,365,352,200 ordinary shares of 1/3 p each
(2007 4,365,352,200: ordinary shares of 1/3 p each)  14,551   14,551
                                                     14,551   14,551

Called up, allotted and fully paid share capital
67,697,228 ordinary shares of 1/3p each
(2007: 67,678,702 ordinary shares of 1/3p each)         226      226
                                                        226      226

Called up share capital
At start of period                                      226      226
At end of period                                        226      226

Investment in own shares
At start of the period                                  (1)      (1)
Acquired in period                                  (2,533)        -
Used on share scheme vesting                          1,599        -
At end of period                                      (935)      (1)

Hedging and translation reserve
At start of the period                                    -        -
Movement during the period                              318        -
At end of period                                        318        -

Share option and SIP reserve
At start of period                                    1,712      738
Additions in period                                   1,121      974
Options exercised in period                           (552)        -
At end of period                                      2,281    1,712

Retained earnings
At start of period                                   38,436 (10,282)
Profit for the period                                20,980   18,738
Capital reduction                                         -   38,046
Undistributable reserves                                  -      123
Dividends paid                                      (9,738)  (8,189)
Adjustment on share scheme vesting                  (1,981)        -
At end of period                                     47,697   38,436

 10.       Statement of changes in equity

                                               2008    2007
                                               £000    £000
Opening equity                               40,373  28,850
Profit for the period                        20,980  18,738
Dividends paid                              (9,738) (8,189)
Investment in own shares                    (2,533)       -
Adjustment on share scheme vesting            (934)       -
Increase in hedging and translation reserve     318       -
Increase in share option and SIP reserve      1,121     974
Closing equity                               49,587  40,373

11.        Related party transactions

During the year the company invested £375,000 for 1.05% of the
ordinary share capital of OB10 Limited, a company that specialises in
electronic invoicing. David Newlands, Chairman of PayPoint plc, is
also Chairman of OB10 and a shareholder with direct and indirect
holdings of 4.10% of the issued share capital and both Dominic Taylor
and George Earle are directly or indirectly interested in 0.42% each.

On 24 September 2007, the company released in full the first tranche
of its Long Term Incentive Plan awards to the three executive
directors and six senior managers. In order to satisfy the company's
obligations, Paypoint Network Limited Employee Investment Trust (The
Trust) acquired 424,052 ordinary shares at the mid market closing
price of 597.5 pence per share, in aggregate £2,533,000, from RIT
Capital Partners and the Weinstock Estate (both of which are
connected to David Morrison, a non-executive director of the
company).  156,348 shares were sold at 597.5 pence per share, in
aggregate £934,000, by participating directors and managers to the
Trust. Accordingly, the company has funded £3,467,000 (excluding
£22,000 deal costs) for the purchase of its own shares.   The excess
of the market value of the shares acquired over their fair value at
the date of grant of £1,981,000 has been charged to reserves.

12.        Notes to the cash flow statement

                                        53 weeks ended 52 weeks ended
                                         30 March 2008  25 March 2007
                                                  £000           £000
Operating Profit                                29,200         25,202
Adjustments for:
Depreciation of property,
plant and equipment                              4,812          3,603
Amortisation of intangible assets                  907            212
Increase in share option and SIP
reserve                                          1,121            974
Operating cash flows before movements
in working capital                              36,040         29,991

Decrease / (increase) in inventories               580          (532)
(Increase) / decrease in receivables          (10,528)            788
Increase in payables
      - client cash                                711          1,105
      - other payables                           9,196          2,866
Cash generated by operations                    35,999         34,218

Corporation tax paid                           (6,362)        (6,007)
Interest and bank charges paid                    (19)           (30)

Net cash from operating activities              29,618         28,181


PayPoint is the leading cash and internet payments company in the  UK
also with operations in Ireland and  Romania. We handle in excess  of
£7 billion from over 503 million transactions annually for more  than
5,000 clients  and merchants.  The company  operates several  payment

* The PayPoint branded retail network numbers over 19,800 terminals
  located in local shops (including Co-op, Spar, Costcutter,
  Sainsburys Local, One Stop, Londis and thousands of independents)
  in all parts of the UK and Ireland. Terminals handle gas and
  electricity meter prepayments, cash bill payments, mobile phone
  top-ups, transport tickets, London Congestion Charges, BBC TV
  licences and a wide variety of other payment types for most leading
  utilities, telecommunications suppliers and many consumer service
  companies. This network is used by consumers, free of charge, over
  8 million times a week. The network has 99% population cover on a 1
  mile urban or 5 miles rural measure;

* Multiple retailer connections into the electronic till systems of
  over 4,300 outlets in addition to the branded terminal outlets,
  including BP, Somerfield and Superdrug for mobile top-ups and
  selected payments from the PayPoint range;

* An ATM network which has 2,016 'LINK' branded machines across the
  UK, also typically in convenience stores;

*, an internet payment service provider, provides secure
  online credit and debit card payments for over 4,800  web merchants
  linking into all the major UK acquiring banks; and

* Pay Store, a Romanian mobile top-up operator with over 4,000
  outlets equipped with electronic terminals and 2,000 other retail
  outlets.   A bill payment service has been added to increase the
  breadth of PayPoint's offering in Romania, in line with the UK
  branded retail network.

PayPoint floated on the London  Stock Exchange in September 2004  and
the company's  market  capitalisation  at  30  March  2008  was  £380
million.  PayPoint  is  widely  recognised  for  its  leadership   in
prepayment systems, smart technology and consumer service.

22 May 2008


PayPoint plc
Dominic Taylor, Chief Executive                          01707 600300
George Earle, Finance Director

Rollo Head
0207 251 3801
Don Hunter
A presentation for analysts is being held at 11.45 am today at
Finsbury, Tenter House, Moorfields, London, EC2.

This announcement is available on the PayPoint plc website:



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