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Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (0FQR)


Friday 16 April, 2010

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Pfeiffer Vacuum now 120 years old

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·        A provider of innovative technology right from the beginning

·        Flexibility the key to success

·        Worldwide portfolio of vacuum solutions since 1910

Asslar, Germany, April 16, 2010. Mechanical engineering company Pfeiffer Vacuum
has been in existence for precisely 120 years since April 7, 2010. Originally
founded by Arthur Pfeiffer as a fine mechanical workshop, Pfeiffer Vacuum can
look back at a long tradition in the development of innovative technologies.

"Given our ongoing passion for innovation, many might be amazed to learn that
Pfeiffer Vacuum is already so old," notes Pfeiffer Vacuum Chief Executive
Officer Manfred Bender. "But although the company may be getting on in years,
it's still young in spirit. It possesses the rare ability to repeatedly reinvent

And flexibility is one of the company's key success drivers. Only ten years
after founding what had since gone on to become a highly successful workshop,
for example, Pfeiffer stops marketing remote ignition systems for gas street
lights after the metallic filament lamp debuts at the 1900 World's Fair. So
Pfeiffer shifts to the production of vacuum components for manufacturing
electric lighting products. In 1910, this entrepreneur is already supplying
physics equipment and complete research and teaching laboratories to customers
throughout the world. By the year 1926, Arthur Pfeiffer Vakuum­tech­nik Wetzlar
GmbH is one of the world's largest specialty manufacturers in the field of high
vacuum technology. General agencies are in place in nearly all European
countries and the United States.

1958 sees the commencement of regular production of the first turbomolecular
pumps, which were developed by Pfeiffer Vacuum. These pumps achieve a pumping
speed of 150 l/s and weigh 95 kg. Their hydrocarbon-free vacuum opens up new
fields of application in the analytical industry and in industrial process
technology. The breathtaking pace of development of microelectronics and
microchips would not have been possible without turbopumps, which assure the
required high vacuum under extreme conditions. In addition to a broad portfolio
of vacuum pumps, the company's product line also includes systems for drying and
impregnating cables, for degassing transformer oils and for freeze-drying
pharmaceutical products.

Its era as a family-run company ends in 1969, when Pfeiffer becomes a member of
the Balzers Group with headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein. On
July 16, 1996, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is the first German mid-size
company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. All of the shares are
placed, enabling the company to leave the corporate group and become
independent, which it has remained ever since. This is followed in 1998 by a
second listing on Deutsche Börse Frankfurt's Neuer Markt segment (today the
TecDax). The development of this equity is considered to be a textbook example.

Today, Pfeiffer Vacuum has advanced to become a leading manufacturer worldwide
of components and systems for generating, measuring and analyzing vacuum. The
company offers a complete line of turbopumps rated at different pumping speeds
in both conventional and magnetic levitation technology, including integrated
drive system. And with its further products, such as backing pumps, measurement
and analysis equipment, components, vacuum chambers and systems, Pfeiffer Vacuum
is able to supply complete vacuum solutions.


Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

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About Pfeiffer Vacuum
Pfeiffer Vacuum (Stock Exchange Symbol PFV, ISIN DE0006916604) is one of the
world's leading manufacturers of components and systems for vacuum generation,
measurement and analysis. Ever since the invention of the turbomolecular pump by
Pfeiffer Vacuum, the company has stood for innovative solutions and
high-technology products that are used in the analytical segment, in research
and development, environmental technology, chemistry, semiconductor production
and coating technology, as well as in the automotive industry and any number of
further sectors. Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum is today together with Trinos
Vakuum-Systeme active throughout the world with a workforce of some 870 people
as well as 14 subsidiaries and over 20 agencies. Further information is
available at <>


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Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG
Berliner Strasse 43 Asslar Germany

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