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PowerShares Global (IRSH)

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Thursday 19 November, 2015

PowerShares Global

Notice re Update to the Company’s Prospectus

19 November 2015

PowerShares Global Funds Ireland plc (the “Company”)

Update to the Company’s Prospectus

Dear Shareholder,

We wish to advise that a full review of the Company’s prospectus has been undertaken in order to refine the Company’s prospectus disclosures and to consolidate it into one document. We are of the view that this revised prospectus is more user-friendly and it enables shareholders to refer to a single document for all information in respect of funds of the Company. The Directors believe that the revised prospectus now better reflects market practice and the operations of the Company.

The purpose of this letter is to notify shareholders of the most significant changes which have been made to the prospectus and which are largely clarifications and listed in the schedule to this letter. It is proposed that the revised prospectus will come into force on 4 December 2015.

Should you have any queries in relation to this letter please do not hesitate to contact Invesco PowerShares on [email protected] or 0044 (0) 20 7065 3897, or your usual Invesco PowerShares representative.

Yours faithfully

For and behalf of
PowerShares Global Funds Ireland plc




1.       Each fund’s Business Day has been changed so that it will be a day on which markets are generally open for business in Ireland.

2.       Details of Dealing Days and the Portfolio Composition File in respect of a fund will be available from the Manager, Invesco Global Asset Management Limited.

3.       The investment portfolio of a fund will be available from our website

4.       The “Duties and Charges” (previously referred to as “Transfer Taxes”) which can be charged to the assets of a fund has been updated to reflect the provisions of the Company’s Articles of Association as follows:

all stamp and other duties, taxes, governmental charges, valuation fees, property management fees, agent fees, brokerage fees, bank charges, transfer fees, registration fees and other duties,  and charges whether in respect of the constitution or increase of the assets of the relevant Fund or the creation, exchange, sale, purchase or transfer of Shares or the purchase or proposed purchase of Investments which, for the avoidance of doubt, may include, when calculating subscription and redemption prices, any provision for spreads, or in respect of certificates or otherwise which may have become or will become payable in respect of any transaction, dealing, or valuation in respect of which such duties and charges are payable. It shall not include any commission payable to agents on sales and purchases of Shares or any commission, taxes, charges or costs which may have been taken into account in ascertaining the Net Asset Value per Share of the relevant Fund.”

5.       In the event an applicant subscribes in kind for shares in a fund and fails to deliver requisite securities to the Depositary by the relevant time, the Company will no longer accept payment of collateral in substitution for the relevant securities and may reject the application for subscription at the cost of the applicant.

6.       In the case of cash subscriptions in a fund:

          a.       the minimum amount of shares that can be subscribed for is one Creation Unit;
          b.       the settlement period is two Business Days following the Business Day on which the application for subscription is accepted;

7.       The ability to switch between funds has been removed to clarify existing process.

8.       The Company may, on notice to shareholders, compulsorily redeem all the shares of a fund if the net asset value of a fund is lower than US$350 million. Previously the net asset value of the fund was required to be lower than US$350 million for a period of thirty consecutive days.

Investment Strategy

9.       All funds can invest in UCITS or other open-ended collective investment schemes up to 10% of their net asset value for cash management purposes or to gain exposure to the securities of their respective index where it is not possible or inefficient to purchase them directly.


10.     The section 9. “Fees and Expenses” has been amended to clarify that transaction costs relating to rebalancing of a fund’s portfolio in line with the relevant index (the costs of buying and selling securities of the index and associated taxes and transaction costs) are paid for by the fund.

Changes to the PowerShares Global Buyback Achievers UCITS ETF (ISIN: IE00BLSNMW37)

11.     In the case of in kind subscriptions for shares in this fund the Portfolio Deposit must now be received by the Custodian three Business Days following the Business Day on which the application for subscription is accepted (or such earlier time as the Directors may determine and notify in advance to the applicant).

Changes to the PowerShares EuroMTS Cash 3 Months UCITS ETF (ISIN: IE00B3BPCH51)*

12.     The anticipated tracking error in normal market conditions for this fund has been amended from 1.00-2.00% to 0.10-1.00%.


*Fund not listed in London

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