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TDC A/S (66LT)

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Monday 06 March, 2006


Redemption of shares

Initiation of Redemption of Shares.

TDC A/S (TDC) has in a letter of March 5, 2006 from Nordic Telephone
Company ApS (NTC), which holds 88.2 % of the shares in TDC A/S,
received a written redemption notice pursuant to article 5a of the
Articles of Association. NTC has in the notice informed TDC that NTC
has decided to initiate redemption of shares held by the other
shareholders in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Further, TDC has today pursuant to the Articles of Association
initiated the forwarding of a redemption notice from NTC to the other
shareholders of TDC. A copy of TDC's letter to the shareholders is
shown below in its entirety.

For further information please contact TDC Investor Relations at  +45
3343 7680.

To TDC A/S' shareholders


At TDC A/S' extraordinary general meeting on February 28, 2006 the
company's Articles of Association was supplemented with a new article
5 a, which states in sub-article 1 that Nordic Telephone Company ApS
(NTC) upon written notice to the Board of Directors and any other of
the company's shareholders may demand that the company's other
shareholders have their shares redeemed by NTC. At the same time
announcement in accordance with the requirements for convening
general meetings in the company must be made.

Article 5 a of the Articles of Association together with the other
adoptions on the extraordinary general meeting have been filed with
the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency for registration on March 3,
2006. The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency is still considering
the case.

On March 5, 2006 the Board of Directors received a written redemption
notice from NTC pursuant to article 5 a (1) of the Articles of
Association. In accordance with article 5 a (5) of the Articles of
Association the Board of Directors shall hereby inform the company's
shareholders that NTC has initiated the redemption process pursuant
to article 5 a. Enclosed are copies of NTC's notice and article 5 a
of the Articles of Association.

At the extraordinary general meeting minority shareholders, including
ATP, objected to the adoption of article 5 a. In continuation hereof
ATP has today stated that a formal objection against the registration
would be submitted to the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and
that ATP would commence legal proceedings with the purpose to have
article 5 a declared unlawful. NTC has stated that it adheres to its
decision to seek the redemption completed. Currently it is not
possible for TDC to assess, how these actions will influence the
completion and the settlement of the redemption initiated by NTC.

Yours sincerely

The Board of Directors

This letter is not for delivery to shareholders in the United States.
Reference is made to the information hereof in the attached notice
from NTC.

Noerregade 21
0900 Copenhagen C



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