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Wednesday 10 October, 2001


Re Contract

10 October 2001

                          TACTICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS

Thales Communications has been awarded several major contracts in the field of 
tactical communication systems worth nearly 230 million euros.

The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) has awarded Thales with a new order 
for the RITA 2000 tactical communication network to fulfil the needs of the 
French Army. This contract, worth 78 million euros, includes the development of 
new capabilities (Internet Protocol, high data rate) and the supply of about a 
hundred stations to equip the French Army from now until the end of 2003.

In Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Thales has signed several major contracts 
to supply the armed forces with HF and VHF tactical communication systems. These
contracts worth about 150 million euros concern the leading products of Thales 
in the field of tactical radios: the VHF PR4G family and the HF Systeme 3000.

With these commercial successes, Thales confirms its key role in the new 
digitised battlespace market, in the field of Tactical Internet and software 
radios, to meet current as well as future requirements.

Designer, prime contractor and integrator of systems and provider of value-added
services, Thales Communications is the global architect of information and 
communication systems that fulfil the operational requirements of air forces, 
armies, and navies. Present in 14 countries, Thales Communications achieves a 
turnover of about 1.5 billion euros and employs 9000 persons over the world.

Press contact:
Matt Pothecary                            Michel Roche - Thales Communications
Tel. +44 (0)1 53 77 86 26                 Tel. +44 (0)1 41 30 47 47

More on RITA 2000

At the core of the tactical Internet battlespace, RITA 2000 is highly suited to 
the new context in which armed forces operate, particularly in terms of 
interoperability (joint forces, allied coalitions) and mobility. Easily 
transportable, RITA 2000 provides on the operation theatres, at all command 
levels, high-rate multimedia communication services, which are modern, efficient
(voice, data, image, videoconference, IP traffic,...), fully secure and open-

RITA 2000 uses the latest dual technologies to provide on the operation theatre 
high-quality network services and a true Tactical Internet. 
RITA 2000 is the solution for the armed forces that are considering up-dating 
their tactical communication networks.

More on the VHF PR4G and the SYSTEME 3000

The PR4G, recognised for its reliability and high security level, is a multi-
mode, open-ended software radio that perfectly meets the real-time communication
requirements of projected forces, command posts and weapon systems.

The HF SYSTEME 3000, based on the new digital TRC 3600 radio, provides a 
comprehensive range of advanced services, which are secure, reliable and proven 
for voice and data. Its simplicity of use, the quality of its secure 
communications and its capacity to establish links in any operational 
environment (distance, mobility, electronic warfare threat etc.) have been 
particularly noticed during intensive field tests conducted by client countries.

Through a relevant and permanent product policy, the PR4G and TRC 3600 radios 
can easily integrate additional functionalities and provide the necessary 
upgrading capabilities.


Communication Networks
THALES Communications implemented the world's first meshed tactical networks, 
which equip the armed forces of over 20 countries. THALES Communications' main 
references in tactical communication networks are: RITA 2000 (France and 
Belgium), ARISTOTE (France), SACS (Denmark), RBA (Spain), TADKOM (Norway), 
TS9000 (Sweden), ZODIAC (the Netherlands), BIGSTAF (Germany), MSE (USA).

Tactical radiocommunications
Owing to its specific characteristics, 28 client countries have put their trust 
in the PR4G which has become the world's VHF radio standard. The HF SYSTEME 
3000, already chosen by 24 armed forces, is today the only HF tactical system 
with field-tested outstanding operational performances. Today, Thales sales in 
this field have reached more than 500 000 units in 85 countries.


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