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Three's A Crowd plc (TACP)


Thursday 14 August, 2008

Three's A Crowd plc

Board Restructuring and Exercise of Warrants

                                                       14 August 2008
                         THREE'S A CROWD PLC
                ("Three's A Crowd" or "the Company")


Three's A Crowd  is pleased  to announce the  appointment of  Stewart
Morris as non-executive director.  Stewart Morris is an  accomplished
television executive and creative producer. Stewart has been involved
in the creation and production  of some of Britain's most  successful
television series including I'm A Celebrity,  Get Me Out of Here  and
Brainiac: Science Abuse.

Stewart delivered high-end television to the biggest networks in  the
world including  ITV and  Channel 4  in  the UK  and NBC  and  Warner
Brothers in the United States.

Chief Executive Mark Emms said today-:

"Appointing Stewart  Morris as  non-executive director  will  provide
Three's A Crowd with a wealth of experience within the  entertainment
and production sector to assist in the growth of the company."

In addition to directorships of the Company, Stewart Morris holds the
following directorships:

Current Directorships/ Partnerships   Past Directorships/

Original Productions UK Entertainment None

Further  to   the  new   appointment,  the   Company  announces   the
resignations from the Board  of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson  (non-executive
director),  Domino   Duhan   (executive  director),   Jessica   Wells
(executive  director)   and   Mark   Watson-Mitchell   (non-executive
chairman) as part of a restructuring to allow for future growth.

Mark Watson-Mitchell,  who  initially  brought  Three's  A  Crowd  to
market, is  stepping  down,  so  he  can  concentrate  on  his  other

Chief Executive Mark Emms said today-:

 "Mark Watson-Mitchell has  been a  great supporter  and advocate  of
Three's A Crowd and given us a fantastic opportunity by taking us  to
market.  He  provided  important  knowledge   to  the  team  on   the
responsibilities  and  requirements  surrounding  running  a   public

Tara has accepted an offer to present a major television series  this
summer and as a result feels that she cannot do justice to her duties
as a director  whilst pursuing career  opportunities. Tara remains  a
shareholder and currently both  Tara and Three's a  Crowd are in  the
process  of  negotiating  consultancy  terms  to  secure  her  future
involvement with this growing business.

Chief Executive Mark Emms said today-:

"Tara has been fantastic in getting  Three's A Crowd off the  ground.
She opened a lot of doors for  us and was a great asset in  marketing
and promoting the Company during the early stages of development.  We
look forward to continued involvement with Tara and we appreciate her
shareholding support."

Domino has been integral in  developing and building the  foundations
for the online platform He will remain a technical
consultant during the Online business's next stage of growth.

Tara, Domino  and Jessica  will  remain active  with the  company  on
revised terms of service going forward.

The Company is also pleased  to announce that following the  exercise
of  warrants  at  an  exercise   price  of  1p,  by  Dowgate   Captal
Stockbrokers Limited ("Dowgate"), the company has issued and allotted
7,500,000 new  ordinary  shares of  0.5p  raising gross  proceeds  of
£75,000 for the Company.

Following the issue of the  Shares, Dowgate holds 9,600,000  ordinary
shares, representing  12.3%  of the  enlarged  share capital  of  the
Company. The shares are registered  in the name of Pershing  Nominees
Limited ('Pershing'). Dowgate is a subsidiary, of Aim listed  Dowgate
Capital Plc.

Pershing hold, on behalf of  Dowgate and others, 31,400,000  ordinary
shares or 40.22% of  the issued share capital  of the Company.  Other
than Dowgate there are no other beneficial shareholdings that  amount
to more  than  3% of  the  issued share  capital  of the  company  in

Following the  exercise  and  the restructuring  of  the  board,  the
Company is  aware of  the following  interests of  the Directors  and
persons holding more  than 3% of  the enlarged share  capital of  the

                          NUMBER OF SHARES % OF ISSUED ORDINARY

Pershing Nominees Limited 31,400,000       40.22%
Grriffin Two Limited      4,000,000        5.12%
Addworth Plc              8,150,000        10.44%
PLUS Investors ^          4,000,000        5.12%
Jessica Wells             6,300,000        8.07%
Domino Duhan              2,400,000        3.07%
Mark Emms *               6,300,000        8.07%
Melissa Gilmour *         600,000          0.77%

* Director of Three's A Crowd

^ Melissa Gilmour  is indirectly  interested in  the ordinary  shares
held by Plus Investors Limited, of  which she is both a director  and
shareholder.  Melissa  Gilmour  controls  8.33%  of  Plus   Investors

The Directors  are  interested  in 6,900,000  ordinary  shares  which
represent 8.83% of the issued share capital of the company.

The new  ordinary  shares rank  pro  rata  and pari  passu  with  the
Company's existing ordinary shares.

The total number of ordinary shares  in issue following the issue  of
the Placing Shares is 78,064,500.

The Directors accept full responsibility for this statement.


Three's A Crowd Plc
Mark Emms                                         Tel: 020 7242 6151
[email protected]

Rivington Street Corporate Finance                Tel: 020 7562 3389
Monisha Varadan                                   Leo Godsall
[email protected]                                 [email protected]

Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers                      Tel: 01293 517744
Neil Badger

Notes to Editors

Three's A Crowd plc (PLUS: TACP) is an event management and online
company which floated on the PLUS-quoted market in November 2007.



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