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Three's A Crowd plc (TACP)


Tuesday 01 December, 2009

Three's A Crowd plc

Interim Results

                         Three's A Crowd Plc
                ("Three's A Crowd" or "The Company")



  * Consolidated loss of £84,596 for the six months ended 31 May 2009
    (30/11/2008: loss of £93,367)


I am pleased to present the Interim results for Three's A Crowd

Review of Activities

Three�s A Crowd was a very small company when it listed and has  gone
through various stages. This  year has been  a pivotal turning  point
for us as  the remaining  board realised  the modus  operandi of  the
company had to be seriously revisited.

We have  completely restructured  the Company  as a  result to  focus
purely on events  and sponsorship  and have had  our most  successful
year to date; both in the prestigious clients we have worked with and
the level of events we have grown into.

We landed a large contract  for the Company, introducing  as
lead sponsor of  the Take That  tour throughout the  UK and  managing�s branding and marketing  presence throughout. The  turnover
from this was split by our Year End 31 March 2009. As a result, using
this year end date  meant that it  was not a  true reflection of  our
business. Consequently we are moving our  year end to 31 December  to
more accurately  reflect  growth in  the  business. We  have  already
changed the  year end  from  31 May  to 30  November  and it  is  the
intention to change to 31 December next year.

We have simplified our operating model. We have disposed of  in-house
production  company   Smoking  Gun   Events  Limited   and  we   have
incorporated Feast Films into our events business.

Three's  A  Crowd  has  made  the  transition  into  a  full  service
multimedia creative company,  with a full  roster of  events/products
and clients for 2010 and beyond.

To understand more about the activities of the Company and our events
in the  last six  months our  showreel is  available on  our  website <> .

Financial Overview

As at 31 May 2009, shareholders' funds were in a deficit position  of
£8,013, which includes a  deficit of £28,614  in relation to  Smoking
Gun Design Limited, which has recently  been sold for £1 with all  of
the  assets  and  liabilities  related  thereto.  Ignoring  the   net
deficiency on Smoking Gun  Design Limited would mean  that at 31  May
2009 the  remaining  companies  within  the  group  had  consolidated
shareholders' funds of £20,601. As at 31 May 2009 the group had  cash
balances of £220,078 and  had no debts  other than trade  creditors.
The loss before tax for the six month period amounted to £84,596,  of
which £18,060 was attributable to Smoking Gun Design Limited.

The Directors  would  like to  take  this opportunity  to  thank  our
shareholders and staff for their continued support and efforts during
the period  and are  confident  that the  Company's progress  can  be
continued  over  the  next  reporting  period.   The  Directors  will
continue to seek further  opportunities to enhance  the value of  the

Mark Emms
Chief Executive

Interim unaudited consolidated financial statements for the period
ended 31 May 2009.

Unaudited Consolidated Profit & Loss Account

                              Unaudited      Unaudited      Audited
                             period ended   Period ended   Year ended
                                31 May      30 November      31 May
                                 2009           2008          2008
                                £'000          £'000         £'000

                                      484               84        381
                                    (423)             (77)      (283)
Cost of sales

Gross profit                           61                7         98

                                      (4)                -          -
Distribution costs
                                    (142)            (230)      (347)
Administration expenses
Exceptional item - Share                -              129      (190)
based payment charge
Loss on ordinary activities          (85)             (94)      (439)
before taxation
Other income:                           -                1          5
Bank interest receivable

Loss on ordinary activities          (85)             (93)      (434)
before taxation
Taxation                                -                -          -

Loss on ordinary activities          (85)             (93)      (434)
after taxation
Loss attributable to Parent          (82)             (91)      (434)
Minority Interest                     (3)              (2)          -

Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet as at 31 May 2009

                                     Unaudited   Unaudited    Audited
                                       As at       As at       As at
                                       31 May   30 November   30 May
                                       2009         2008        2008
                                       £'000       £'000       £'000

Fixed assets
Goodwill                                   109            115     109

Plant and equipment                          9             11      10

Total fixed assets                         118            126     119
Current assets
Debtors                                    111             51      67
Cash at bank                               220             18     126
Total Current Assets                       331             69     193

Creditors: amounts falling due           (457)          (118)    (89)
within one year
Net Current (Liabilities)/Assets         (126)           (49)     104
Total Assets less Current Assets           (8)             77     223
Capital & Reserves
Share capital                              390            390     353
Share premium                              153            153     115
Minority interest                          (5)            (2)       -
Share based payment reserves                61             61     190
Profit & loss account                    (607)          (525)   (435)

Total Shareholders' Funds                  (8)             77     223


1.          While  the   financial  information   included  in   this
announcement has  been  computed  in  accordance  with  International
Financial Reporting  Standards  (IFRS), this  announcement  does  not
itself contain sufficient information to comply with IFRS.  The  full
financial statements of  the company will  be prepared in  accordance
with   IFRS,   International    Accounting   Standards   and    their
interpretations issued  or adopted  by the  International  Accounting
Standards Board as adopted for use in the European Union.

2.         The financial information has not been audited or reviewed
by  the  auditors,  or  extracted  from  audited  information.   This
financial statement does not constitute statutory accounts within the
meaning of Section 435 of the Companies Act 2006 (the "Act").

The  directors  of   the  issuer  accept   responsibility  for   this

Note to editors:
Three's A  Crowd plc  (PLUS: TACP)  was floated  on PLUS  markets  in
November 2007. The company is  an organiser of charity and  corporate
events and operates an online lifestyle portal,

Mark Emms                   Tel: 020 7242 6163
Three's A Crowd plc.

Gary Miller                    Tel: 020 388 7000
Fisher Corporate Plc


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