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Venture Six Plc (VTSO)


Friday 08 August, 2008

Venture Six Plc

Loan Notes

8 August 2008

                                VENTURE SIX PLC                                

                       ("Venture Six" or the "Company")                        

                                  Loan notes                                   

In anticipation of possible disclosure to attendees of the annual general
meeting of Venture Six Plc that will be held at Acre House, 11-15 William Road,
London, NW1 3ER on 11 August 2008 at 9.00 a.m, the Directors of Venture Six Plc
would like to advise all of their shareholders that the Company recently drew
down a further £600,000 on its loan note. The funds have been used to finance a
loan note agreement with Sparkle Marketing Limited.

Sparkle Marketing Limited acquired the rights and intellectual property to a
sales promotion and CRM service that allows retailers, their brand suppliers
and other advertisers to deliver individualised messages to customers as they
pass through the check-out till. These messages are generated according to the
contents of the customer's shopping basket. Known as an "Active Promotion"
("AP"), messages are delivered to the customer at the check-out via a voucher
printed by the sales receipt printer. Vouchers can be used by the retailer to
increase customer footfall and basket spend in-store or to drive a customer to
an online or mobile interactive promotional game or competition. Active
Promotion captures in-store data and tracks what vouchers were issued and where
they were redeemed, building data profiles of customers in store and online

A key advantage of Active Promotion over similar offerings is that it is
software that integrates with a retailer's existing Electronic Point of Sale
(Epos) system, thus eliminating the retailer's need for a capital investment in
additional hardware. The Company has a commercial relationship with the leading
provider of Epos technology outside the USA, Wincor Nixdorf, and launched the
service in 120 outlets of SPAR UK, a major convenience store and grocery chain
in the UK in June 2008.

Sparkle Marketing have drawn down £500,000 of funds. The loan is repayable in
2013 however the Company may convert its loan at any time during that period.
Interest is payable on the loan.

The Directors are looking to make further investments with the agreement of,
and further funding from, the loan note holders whenever suitable opportunities
are identified.

                                  --- ENDS---                                  

Venture Six Plc

Venture Six Plc is an investment vehicle that has been formed to make
acquisitions in the home entertainment and leisure markets in the United
Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The Directors consider that the home
entertainment and leisure markets embrace all media related businesses
including films, television, radio, computer games, hotels and travel services

The Directors of Venture Six Plc accept responsibility for this announcement.


Venture Six Plc:      Gerry Desler     Tel: 01279 731 037

                      Barry Gold       Tel: 07768 948 928

Fisher Corporate Plc: Gary Miller      Tel: 020 7388 7000

Gth media relations:  Toby Hall        Tel: 020 7153 8039

                      Christian Pickel Tel: 020 7153 8035

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