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Viatrade plc (VIAP)

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Friday 30 May, 2008

Viatrade plc

Viatrade Final Results

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      30 MAY 2008

                                               VIATRADE PLC
                                       BUSINESS: Investment Company

                                           AUDITED FINAL RESULTS

                                    FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2007

The  Board of Viatrade plc ("Viatrade" or "the Company") announces its final results for the period to 31st
December 2007.

The Company has made a number of disposals in the year as well as making a significant acquisition
subsequent to the year end and your Board is pleased to provide below an updated breakdown of portfolio.

Daniel Stewart Securities plc
At the year end, the Company held 100,000 shares in Daniel Stewart Securities.  These shares were purchased
at 15.375p.  The market value of the holding at the year end was £8,750.

Daniel Stewart (DAN) is an AIM-quoted company providing a range of investment banking services to small
publicly traded and non-publicly traded Companies.  Daniel Stewart is authorised and regulated by the
Financial Services Authority and is a member of the London Stock Exchange.

Daniel Stewart's full year results are due in the middle of July 2008 and in interim results in October
2007 it reported a profit before tax of £1,229,624.

Sexual Health Group plc
The Company still holds its initial investment of 125,000 ordinary shares in the PLUS quoted Sexual Health
Group plc, which had a market value of £5,000 at the year end.

Sexual Health Group (SHG) is a national supplier of sexual health products.  It created the Condomania
brand as a supplier of condoms to major professional customers such as the NHS and is actively engaged in
the production of complementary products for the sexual health market.

The Condomania brand has already achieved a share of approximately 9% of the NHS Condom market which
equates to 2.25% of the total UK market.  Condomania has shown substantial growth in sales and
distribution.  At 11 products, it has one of the widest ranges of condoms available via the NHS in the UK.
SHG's strategy is to bring a pipeline of new products in sexual health to the UK market.

In March 2006, SHG acquired Sutherland Group Holdings Ltd, which brought further products into the Group.
The key product out of this range was Sutherland Lubricating Jelly which is now on national contract in NHS

The Company has been focusing on the development of its relationship with the NHS, and has developed its
profile through this relationship.  This will remain as a major part of its strategy for growth.

In December 2007, SHG added three new products to the NHS providing and additional annual revenue of
£100,000.  The Company was also pleased to announce the private placing of 6,000,000 shares of 5p, raising

1PM plc
The AIM listed 1PM provides finance facilities to businesses and organisations of any size for the finance
of any asset from £3,500 upwards.  Typically these businesses will be sub-prime or SMEs, often owner
operated and where such financing will take pressure off cash flow.

At the year end, the Company held 600,000 ordinary shares representing £7,500 at a market value of £21,120.

Ultralife Ltd
The Company continues to hold the investment of £25,000 which was made on 13th July 2005.

Ultralife Ltd researches, develops, manufactures and market leading-edge nutritional products that assist
in dealing with some of the key health challenges of our age.  Guided by an international scientific
advisory board, Ultralife's range of nutritional supplements and health foods are manufactured under the
strictest Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines available to the food industry today.

In March 2006 Ultralife made the acquisition of Worldwide Health group of companies.  The first quarter of
2007 started well with large orders being placed by Tesco and Waitrose where in store sales have doubled
over the first two months in both accounts.  Growth forecasts for the second and third quarters lived up to
expectations and Ultralife should be profitable by the fourth quarter 2007.

Aigis Blast Protection Ltd
The Company has currently invested £15,384 representing a holding of 4,274 ordinary shares in Aigis.

Aigis Blast Protection has been producing, for over ten years, a range of Blast Protection products.  As a
result of the current climate Aigis is now able to supply virtually all explosion-related needs, whether it
is for the containment and removal of potential bombs, protection of buildings and vehicles from external
blast, the safe transport of explosives, or footwear for use in mine-infected areas.

Aigis Blast Protection has developed a unique patented material technology named "Tabreshield", which
counters the effects of explosive blasts and is increasingly being used in tailor-made applications, and
major projects are underway to protect transport infrastructure and buildings in Italy, Saudi, Arabia,
Switzerland and Austria.

Pathway One plc
In August 2007 the Company made a single investment of 150,000 shares in Pathway One plc which listed on
PLUS Markets in July 2007.  Viatrade acquired 150,000 shares in Pathway One at 10p per share in order to
satisfy an existing debt of £7,500.

Pathway One plc is a UK based IT company that has acquired a number of international software development
and sales licenses.  It out sources all sales, marketing, technical and maintenance functions and is
building an international distribution and sales channel directly with clients and through resellers.  The
Company intends to expand by further licence purchases and company acquisitions.

Pathway One receives a percentage of licence, maintenance and/or project consultancy fees.  Without having
to maintain a large in-house sales, marketing, technical and maintenance staff requirement, Pathway One can
operate on a low overhead cost basis and remain cash flow positive, whilst benefiting from ongoing
maintenance incomes, as well as new licence sales.

Strategic Communications Laboratories Ltd
During the period under review Viatrade has made an investment of 507 shares in Strategic Communications.
The Company's principal activities involve the training, consultancy and supply of operations facilities in
the field of strategic communications.

Emerging U.K. Investments Plc
Emerging U.K.Investments (EUKI).  A 30% shareholding in the A.I.M. listed company was acquired during the
year by an international property investor with the intention of reversing an investment vehicle into the
company.  In preparation for this reverse EUKI was delisted and the company is currently reviewing a number
of possible mergers

Post Balance Sheet News
In January 2008, Viatrade announced the acquisition of Eurokey Properties Ltd ("Eurokey"), formerly
Eurocash Group Ltd ("Eurocash") for shares.

Following Eurocash Group's inability to meet its original business plan, which resulted in the sale of its
operating subsidiaries, Eurocash Group's directors decided that a substantial change in its business
activities was necessary.  After considerable discussions with its Directors, Viatrade believed that if
Eurocash was to restyle itself as a property company and permit its assets to be enjoined with those of
Viatrade, then both sides would benefit.  In December, Eurocash changed its name to Eurokey Properties
Limited and sought and obtained the approval of a number of its shareholders to the proposed changes.

R J Henstock, Chairman


BISHOPSGATE COMMUNICATIONS LTD                               020 7562 3350
Maxine Barnes
Nick Farmer

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement


                                              VIATRADE PLC

	                                PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT

	                              YEAR ENDED 31st DECEMBER 2007

	                              	                       2007             2006
				                     Note         £                £

TURNOVER                                                          -                 -

Administrative expenses                                      65,144             66,774
                                                             --------------     --------------

OPERATING LOSS                                           2   (65,144)           (66,774)

Profit/(Loss) on disposal of investments                     11,000              26,775
Amounts written off investments                              (71,250)           (14,925)
                                                            --------------      --------------

                                                             (125,394)           (54,924)

Income from fixed asset investments                      5          -             131
Interest receivable                                          2,061                1,161
Other Interest                                               7,500                    -

                                                             --------------       --------------

LOSS ON ORDINARY ACTIVITIES BEFORE TAXATION                  (115,833)            (53,632)

Tax on loss on ordinary activities                       6           -                  -

                                                             --------------       --------------

LOSS FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR                                  (115,833)             (53,632)
                                                             ==============       ==============

Earnings per share (pence)

Basic                                                    7   (8.50)                (3.93)
                                                             ==============       ==============

Diluted                                                  7   (8.50)                (3.93)
                                                             ==============        ==============

                       All of the activities of the company are classed as continuing.

                                                   VIATRADE PLC

	                                           BALANCE SHEET

	                                        31st DECEMBER 2007

	                                                  2007                                  2006  
                                          Note	       £           £                    £           £

Tangible assets                              8                     -                             235
Investments                                  9                92,133                         255,779
                                                              --------------                --------------

                                                              92,133                         256,014
Debtors                                     10      1,311                          6,643           
Cash at bank                                       90,930                         36,250          
                                               --------------                 --------------  

                                                   92,241                         42,893          
CREDITORS: Amounts falling due within one   11      8,300                          7,000           
                                               --------------                 --------------  

NET CURRENT ASSETS                                            83,941                          35,893
                                                              --------------                  --------------

TOTAL ASSETS LESS CURRENT LIABILITIES                         176,074                         291,907
                                                              ==============                  ==============

Called-up equity share capital              15                1,093,126                       1,093,126
Share premium account                       16                37,899                          37,899
Profit and loss account                     17                (954,951)                       (839,118)
                                                              --------------                  --------------

SHAREHOLDERS' FUNDS                         18                176,074                         291,907
                                                              ==============                  ==============

These financial statements were approved by the directors and authorised for issue on 28th May 2008 and are
signed on their behalf by:

R J Henstock

                                                       VIATRADE PLC

	                                          CASH FLOW STATEMENT

	                                      YEAR ENDED 31st DECEMBER 2007

	                                                      2007                         2006  
                                      Note	        £                 £            £           £

NET CASH OUTFLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES                          (58,096)                  (64,010)

Income from other fixed asset investments                -                          131             
Interest received                                    9,561                        1,161           
                                               --------------                 --------------  

NET CASH INFLOW FROM RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS                           9,561                      1,292

TAXATION                                                               (179)                      (232)

Acquisition of investments                               -                        (32,900)        
Disposal of investments                             63,394                         62,875          
Repayment of loans by participating interests       40,000                          5,000           
                                               --------------                 --------------  

NET CASH INFLOW FOR CAPITAL EXPENDITURE AND                          103,394                    34,975

                                                              --------------                  --------------

INCREASE/(DECREASE) IN CASH                                          54,680                    (27,975)
                                                              ==============                  ==============


                                                                    2007                            2006
                                                                       £                               £
Operating loss                                                   (65,144)                        (66,774)
Depreciation                                                         235                             269
Decrease in debtors                                                5,513                           2,091
Increase in creditors                                              1,300                             404
                                                                --------------                  --------------

Net cash outflow from operating activities                       (58,096)                        (64,010)
                                                                ==============                  ==============


                                                            2007                           2006
                                                         £                  £              £              £
Increase/(decrease) in cash in the period           54,680                           (27,975)        

                                               --------------                   --------------  

                                                                       54,680                          (27,975)
                                                               --------------                   --------------

Change in net funds                                                    54,680                          (27,975)

Net funds at 1 January 2007                                            36,250                           64,225
                                                               --------------                   --------------

Net funds at 31 December 2007                                         90,930                            36,250
                                                              ==============                  ==============


                                                                          At      Cash flows             At
                                                                  1 Jan 2007                    31 Dec 2007
                                                                        £                  £              £
Net cash:
Cash in hand and at bank                                           36,250          54,680          90,930
                                                              --------------  -------------- --------------

Net funds                                                          36,250          54,680          90,930
                                                              ==============  ============== ==============

Viatrade plc


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