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Vodafone-Panafon (VPHD)


Monday 13 January, 2003


Product Launch

Vodafone-Panafon Hellenic Tel Co SA
13 January 2003

                                 PRESS RELEASE

                               13th January 2003

                                 Vodafone live!

   A simple 'click' takes you into a brand new exciting world full of colour,
                        sound, pictures and information

Vodafone-Panafon today announces in a presentation to the media that it will
give life to telecommunications by launching Vodafone live!, an innovative,
cohesive set of services, that combines colour, sound, pictures and access to
information using an easy-to-use interface. In order to ensure the optimum live!
experience for its users, Vodafone has agreed settings with several handset

This new range of services is the combination of a colour, icon-based menu
(Picture Messaging (MMS), Games, polyphonic Ringtones, Fun & Info), that gives
life to communication by a single 'click' in a user-friendly, easy to access

Underpinning Vodafone's investment in Vodafone live! is the conviction that
resulted after longstanding research: What matters to customers is not the
technology itself that supports services but, above all, the quality, usefulness
and entertainment value of such services. By the introduction of this new
concept, the final users have the ability to generate and convey emotions, to
stay informed and to entertain themselves.

Vodafone live! is available to both contract and pre-pay customers of
Vodafone-Panafon and its main objective is to cover a broad range of interests.
It is a fresh product that aims to cover all needs of the subscribers of
Vodafone-Panafon for rich communication, information and entertainment.

Vodafone live! per component

Access to Vodafone live! services is particularly easy by using the
corresponding icon on the Vodafone live! menu:

Messages: Vodafone customers will be able to capture images, combine them with
text and audio - without any limitation as to the number of characters involved
- and  send them to their friends or alternatively save them to their personal
archive for future use. Moreover, Vodafone live! allows users to retrieve, send
and read e-mails on the move and to receive voice, fax and e-mail in a single

Ringtones, Wallpapers, Screensavers (Download): Vodafone live! provides a full
list of frequently renewed polyphonic sounds and coloured pictures that allow
users to personalize their handset. Regarding polyphonic ringtones, customers
can choose among a variety of thematic categories, such as charts, soundtracks,
pop, rock, etc., whereas for Wallpapers and Screensavers, customers have a large
variety to chose from.

Games: Vodafone live! experience reaches its peak by the games available in two
and three dimensions, colour, sound and vibration. The quality of the games
offered transform the handset into a games console and provide the user with the
ultimate experience!

Fun & Info: This section offers users an extensive range of content and provides
them with information on a variety of subjects.  Several content providers, both
in Greece and globally, such as news portals, newspapers and magazines etc. are
providing the information following agreements signed with Vodafone.

Vodafone live! handsets

Vodafone has entered into agreement with several handset manufacturers for the
development of a platform to support Vodafone live!, such as the Sharp GX10,
Panasonic GD87 and Nokia 7650. The first two handsets are Vodafone branded, but
all three offer the same simple access to Vodafone live!. In the coming months
the range of handsets will be enhanced to give customers a greater variety of
models to chose from.

Service and Content Prices of Vodafone live!

The rates of Vodafone live! are consistent with Vodafone's strategy in Greece to
provide its rates in a simple and clear way. Therefore users of Vodafone live!
know at any given point the exact cost for each item they chose to download.

Specifically, there is a one-off charge for downloading Games, Ringtones,
Wallpaper and Screensavers. Users are informed of the cost they will incur at
the exact moment before they decide to download an item. Once downloaded, the
content is available to be used as often as the customer likes for no additional

For Fun & Info services customers will be charged either for each item
separately or for the quantity of data received and sent - depending on the

It should be underlined that for the period until 31 March 2003 navigation of
the Vodafone live! menu will be provided free of charge.

For use of specific services, charges will be as follows:

€ 2.5 - € 5 per Java Game (depends on the game), € 2.5 per Ringtone, € 2.0 per
Wallpaper and Screensaver download, whilst on line games are charged € 0.2 per

Picture Messaging (MMS) will have the following charges:

To send MMS: € 0.39 per MMS

To receive MMS from Tell me now services, € 0.50 per MMS request, € 0.45 for
each scheduled receipt of MMS (e.g. on a daily basis).

During the press conference that took place for the launch of Vodafone live!,
Mr. Socrates Kominakis, Commercial Director of Vodafone-Panafon, said: 'This is
a great moment for Vodafone-Panafon, since almost 10 years after our operations
began, we are now in the position to present to the Greek market a totally
innovative product that changes what we knew so far about telecommunications.
The high level of Vodafone live! services will definitely constitute a brand new
experience for our customers. The first indications we have on how Vodafone
live! has been received by customers in the eight European countries that
launched the service in October last year are very encouraging.  In the first
two months of Vodafone live!, they have achieved over 380,000 customers. I am
more than certain that we will give 'life' to telecommunications in our country
at a moment in time when the market is ready to enter a new era of mobile
experiences with Vodafone live!'


For Further Information Contact:

Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou Head of Investor Relations Tel: +301 0 6160019
[email protected], website

Lulu Bridges or Justin Griffiths,
Tavistock Communications, Tel:  +(44) 20 7600 2288

Nicolas Bornozis ,
Capital Link, Tel: + (212) 661 7566

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