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Webb Capital Plc (WCAP)

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Thursday 30 September, 2010

Webb Capital Plc

Preliminary Unaudited Results-Six months to 30 ...

                        Webb Capital Plc(`the Company')                        

      Preliminary unaudited results for the six months ended 30 June 2010      

The Company is pleased to announce its results for the six months ended 30 June

Chairman's Statement

I am delighted to present the results for the six months ended 30 June 2010.
This period has been marked by the establishment of necessary foundations for
future growth.

In the six month period the Company recorded a loss before tax of £328,001
(2009: loss £67,165) on turnover of £2,500 (2009: nil).

These losses include very significant legal and professional costs associated
with the reorganisation of the Group, our change of name, the acquisition of
KHI partners and our applications for authorisations from the Financial
Services Authority.

Now that our re-organisation is nearly complete, and given that we have now
received the required FSA Authorisations, I would not anticipate such a heavy
cost moving forward.

No dividend is recommended.

In the first six months the Company established its new offices in Bow House
and successfully recruited experienced consultants in both Corporate Finance
and Fund Management. Through a series of share placings with the Company's
Directors, Consultants and a number of High Net Worth individuals we brought in
the additional capital required to finance the Company's future growth plans.

The acquisition of KHI Partners Limited brought with it our FSA authorisation
in Corporate Advisory. Subsequent to the period end, the Company completed the
acquisition of Chatsford Corporate Finance, thus giving the Company status as
PLUS corporate advisors. The Company has also recently received FSA Fund
Management authorisation. The Company's Corporate Finance activities are now
being relocated to new premises, adjacent to Bow House, in order to meet
requirements for the separation of the Company's two regulated activities.

The Company is currently working on its first corporate advisory engagements
and is making progress on its plans for the launch of new funds. We are also
working closely with Plus Markets Group to encourage growth companies to
consider quotation on Plus Markets as market conditions improve.

Overall I believe the foundations that have been laid over the last nine months
will serve the Company and Shareholders well for the future.

Chris Marsh


                               Webb Capital Plc                                

Consolidated Income Statement(Unaudited) for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2010 

                             6 Months ended     6 Months ended      12 Months  
                               30/06/2010        30/06/2009          31/12/2009
                                        £                 £                   £
Revenue                             2,500                --                  --
Administrative Expenses         (330,501)          (67,165)            (29,115)
Loss before Taxation            (328,001)          (67,165)            (29,115)
Taxation                               --                --                  --
Loss from Continuing            (328,001)          (67,165)            (29,115)
Discontinued operations                                                        
Loss from Discontinued               (--)          (15,695)                (--)
Changes in Fair Value -                --           102,899                  --
Profit/(Loss) from                     --            87,204                  --
Discontinued Operations                                                        
Profit/(Loss) for the           (328,001)            20,039            (29,115)
Attributable to:                                                               
Equity holders of the           (328,001)            20,039            (29,115)
Minority Interest                      --                --                  --

Earnings (loss) per share (note 2)

Including Discontinued Operations (£0.0710) £0.0003 (£0.02)

Excluding Discontinued Operations (£0.0710) (£0.0013) (£0.02)

                               Webb Capital plc                                

                     ConsolidatedBalance Sheet(Unaudited)                      

                               asat 30 June2010                                

                                              30 June               31 December
                                     £           £           £           £     
Non current assets                                                             
Intangible assets                             42,500                     -     
Tangible assets                               39,020                     -     
Investments                                   103,150                    -     
                                              184,670                    -     
Current assets                                                                 
Trade and other receivables       41,111                   5,631               
Cash and cash equivalents       622,659                 169,840                
                                663,770                 175,471                
Liabilities                      (64,518)               (46,538)               
Net current assets                            599,252                 128,933  
Net assets                                    783,922                 128,933  
Called up share capital                       960,988                 370,188  
Share premium                                 783,127                 390,937  
Profit and loss account                      (960,193)               (632,192) 
Total equity                                  783,922                 128,933  


 1. The Company's interim accounts for the six months ended 30 June 2010 are
    un-audited and have not been reviewed by the Company's auditors HMT
    Assurance LLP.
 2. Earnings per share for the six months ended 30 June 2010 are based upon a
    weighted average of 4,596,243 shares in issue during the period. Shares in
    issue at the end of the period were 7,388,751.
The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement

A copy of this is available on the Company's web site:


Webb Capital plc Tel: 020 7634 9510

Peter Webb - Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Stewart & Company Plc Tel: 020 777 6550

Paul Shackleton



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