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Western GeoPower Corp. (WGP)

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Wednesday 22 October, 2008

Western GeoPower Corp.


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                            NEWS RELEASE

DATE:  October 22, 2008
                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



VANCOUVER, Canada,  October 22,  2008, TSX  Venture Exchange  Trading
Symbol: WGP - Western GeoPower Corp., a renewable energy  development
company, today announced that 50%  of the steam resource required  to
supply the  planned 35  MWe  Western GeoPower  Unit  1 plant  at  The
Geysers Geothermal Field in California, has been successfully  placed
behind pipe  with the  drilling  and completion  of the  third  well,
WGP-3. The three wells have established  a power capacity of 19.7  MW
(gross) or 17.8 MW  (net).  Well WGP-3  is located approximately  one
mile northwest of the WGP-1 well.

Flow testing carried out by independent consultants GeothermEx,  Inc.
on completion  of  well  WGP-3  has  demonstrated  an  initial  steam
production rate  of 114,000  pounds per  hour at  a flowing  wellhead
pressure of 80 psia.   Given the plant  requirement of 16,130  pounds
per hour per  MW (gross)  or 17,740  pounds per  hour MW  (net) at  a
flowing wellhead pressure of 80 psia, this well is estimated to  have
a power capacity of 7.1 MW (gross) or 6.4 MW (net).

Recent flow testing  carried out  on well WGP-1  established a  power
capacity  of  10.0  MW  (gross)  or  9.0  MW  (net)  and  well  WGP-2
established a power capacity of 2.6  MW (gross) or 2.3 MW (net).  The
average power capacity for the three  wells is 6.5 MW (gross) or  5.9
MW (net).

"The results of drilling  to date have  been very satisfactory,  with
well WGP-1 being the most productive well drilled at the Geysers over
the  past  two  decades  and  well  WGP-3  being  one  of  the   most
productive," said  Dr. Subir  Sanyal, President  of GeothermEx.  "The
average well capacity  of the three  wells is far  above the  average
capacity at The Geysers field today."

California-based GeothermEx is  a recognized international  authority
in the evaluation of  geothermal resources and  has been involved  in
the development of all the producing geothermal fields in the  United
States and  over  750 projects  worldwide.   Their knowledge  of  The
Geysers geothermal field  is extensive, having  been associated  with
the development of the field for over 30 years.

The rig is being skidded across the pad to begin drilling well  WGP-4
which is designed to intersect known productive zones accessible from
the current pad.  Completion of  WGP-4 is projected  for early  2009.
Initial projections  called for  the  drilling of  a total  of  eight
production wells  and  one  injector.  Should  the  drilling  of  the
additional wells continue to  yield higher than anticipated  capacity
factors, fewer  wells may  be  required. An  existing well  is  being
assessed for re-work and may be used as a second injection well.  The
drilling program is scheduled for completion in late 2009 and the  35
MWe Western GeoPower Unit  1 plant is  projected to start  commercial
operations in early 2010.

The  Geysers  geothermal  field,  located  75  miles  north  of   San
Francisco,  California,  is  the   largest  producer  of   geothermal
electricity in  the  world.  Commercial  geothermal  power  has  been
generated continuously at The Geysers  field since 1960, the  present
generation level being about 900 MWe of clean, baseload  electricity.
Western GeoPower's Unit  1 project is  situated in the  south-western
region of The Geysers field in Sonoma County.

About Western GeoPower Corp.
Western GeoPower Corp. is a renewable energy company dedicated to the
development of geothermal energy projects for the delivery of  clean,
sustainable,  baseload   electricity  generation.   The  Company   is
developing The Western GeoPower Unit 1 geothermal power plant at  The
Geysers Geothermal Field in California,  United States and the  South
Meager Geothermal Project in British Columbia, Canada.
On behalf of the Board of Western GeoPower Corp
"Kenneth MacLeod"
Kenneth MacLeod, President & CEO
Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
Statements in this  release that are  forward-looking are subject  to
various risks  and  uncertainties  concerning  the  specific  factors
identified  above  that  reflect   the  Company's  expectations   and
projections  about  its  future  results.    The  Company  has  tried
whenever possible to identify these forward-looking statements  which
include  but  are  not  limited  to,  words  such  as  "anticipates,"
believes," "estimates," "expects,"  "plans," "intends,"  "potential,"
and  similar  expressions.    Although  the   Company  believes   the
expectations expressed in such  forward-looking statements are  based
on reasonable  assumptions, such  statements  are not  guarantees  of
future performance  and actual  results  or developments  may  differ
materially from those in  the forward-looking statements.   Investors
are cautioned that any such  statements are not guarantees of  future
performance and  that  actual  results  or  developments  may  differ
materially from those projected  in the forward-looking  statements.
The Company disclaims  any obligation  or intention to  update or  to
revise any  forward-looking statement,  whether as  a result  of  new
information, future events or otherwise.  Such information  contained
herein represents management's  best judgment as  of the date  hereof
based on information currently available.

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept responsibility for the
adequacy or accuracy of this release. For more information or to be
put on our email list, please contact our office: (604) 662-3338 or
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