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XL TechGroup, Inc. (XLT)


Tuesday 11 December, 2007

XL TechGroup, Inc.

QuoNova patent awards

XL TechGroup, Inc.
11 December 2007

Press Release                                                  11 December 2007

                               XL TechGroup, Inc.
                       ('XL TechGroup' or 'the Company')

            QuoNova - positive early-stage results in wound healing
                       and key patents have been allowed

XL TechGroup (AIM: XLT), the creator of companies that solve identified, global
unmet market needs, is pleased to advise that its 90% owned company QuoNova LLC
has achieved an important, early-stage milestone in the development of a new
treatment for wound-related bacterial infections.  QuoNova has also had two key
patents allowed by the US Patent Office and is currently ahead of schedule in
relation to the commercialisation plans for its paradigm-shifting approach to
fighting the effects of bacteria.

QuoNova was founded in December 2006 and is the fifth portfolio company of XL
TechGroup.  QuoNova produces safe, efficacious agents in the global fight
against infection and damage caused by microbial biofilms.  QuoNova's business
strategy is to develop and commercialize its proprietary Quorum Sensing Blocker
('QSB') platform and introduce a disruptive paradigm of 'smart microbial 
control'.  QuoNova is targeting multiple multi-billion dollar markets including
therapeutics, medical devices, consumer care, agriculture and several industrial

Micro-organisms use chemical signal molecules to communicate and recognize
population density (Quorum Sensing) in order to organize their social behaviour,
and co-ordinate the production of virulence factors, such as the release of
toxins and biofilm formation.  Biofilms are complex matrices produced by
colonies of micro-organisms, and are very difficult to eradicate as they protect
themselves against the immune system or conventional treatments such as
antibiotics or biocides.  In the healthcare environment they contribute
significantly to complications in lung disease and wound healing, to medical
device-associated infections as well as to dental plaque and contact
lens-associated infection.  In the home and in industrial processes they are a
major cause of contamination, corrosion and efficiency reductions.

QuoNova's QSB technology disrupts microbial communication systems and by so
doing inhibits toxin production, prevents biofilm formation and promotes
degradation of already established biofilms.  Moreover, research to date
indicates that QuoNova's QSB compounds are non-toxic and safe.  QSB molecules do
not kill micro-organisms, but instead influence their life style to maintain or
return them to a state where they can be removed by intrinsic control mechanisms
such as the immune system or by treatments much less aggressive than those
currently available.  This should significantly reduce or eliminate the
processes that lead to the development of drug resistant organisms, and
differentiates QSBs substantially from conventional antimicrobial approaches.
QSB molecules will therefore initiate a new era in preventing the effects of
microbial colonization, capable of overcoming the decreasing effectiveness of
conventional treatments against biofilms and multi-resistant pathogens such as

In collaboration with a leading university, QuoNova has generated initial animal
model data demonstrating that colonisation of secondary burn wounds with
clinically relevant bacteria is significantly reduced by application of its
proprietary QSBs.  Moreover, a marked synergy with silver sulfadiazine, a
commonly used antibacterial preparation, has been observed.  These promising
early-stage results indicate that QSBs could offer a new, efficacious approach
to supplement clinical means of improving wound healing.  They also form the
basis for progression into regulatory trials during 2008 as well as the basis
for further patent filings.

QuoNova's allowed patents cover composition of matter rights for key small
molecule compounds used as QSB agents, which prevent the pathogenicity and
deleterious effects, including biofilm formation, of micro-organisms in multiple
situations from human health to industrial processes.  QuoNova is continuing to
strengthen the IP portfolio supporting its QSB platform with a series of pending
applications that cover a variety of chemical compound classes demonstrating QSB
activity, and methods of use for these compounds.  This notice of allowance is
the first of a series forming the foundation for the successful future
commercialization of the QSB platform and bolsters QuoNova's ability to secure
strong partnerships with industry leaders in the many sectors where the
technology will find application.

John Scott, CEO of XL TechGroup, commented: 'QuoNova's platform QSB technology
is already producing positive early-stage results in wound care treatment and we
are pleased with the progress towards commercialization they are already
demonstrating.  In addition, it is vital to build a solid patent portfolio in
any game-changing technology, and the notice of patent allowance represents a
validation of novelty and innovation for QuoNova's disruptive technology and
forms the basis to convert this novel approach into products of significant
commercial value in areas with high unmet needs.'

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About XL TechGroup

XL TechGroup is in the business of significant value creation.  Working with
major international corporate and technology partners such as AES, Procter &
Gamble and leading universities, XL TechGroup first identifies global unmet
market needs and then targets and exploits these by the systematic creation of
successful, disruptive technology businesses.  These new companies are built
from scratch, and are then managed, developed and funded by XL TechGroup through
to the point of a trade sale or a stock market listing.

XL TechGroup's unique and proven methodology selects the best opportunities in
order to create one-to-two new companies annually, where each company is
expected to achieve a realisable valuation of at least US$400 million within
four years from its creation.  It is XL TechGroup's aim to deliver significant
shareholder distributions at the final exit from each company or from other
liquidity events.

XL TechGroup's companies to date are:

•    PetroAlgae LLC (
•    TyraTech Inc. (AIM: TYR,
•    DxTech LLC (
•    QuoNova LLC (
•    AgCert International plc (LSE: AGC,

XL TechGroup has also established GenXL LLC as a joint venture to capture the
value of those prospects that do not fully meet XL TechGroup's US$400 million,
four year criteria but still demonstrate considerable potential worth.  Over and
above XL TechGroup's core business model, GenXL is reviewing a significant flow
of opportunities from both XL TechGroup and GEN3 in order to generate new
companies, standalone product lines and technology licensing opportunities or an
appropriate mix of these.

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