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XL TechGroup, Inc. (XLT)


Monday 19 November, 2007

XL TechGroup, Inc.

TyraTech Sustainable Business

XL TechGroup, Inc.
19 November 2007

Press Release                                                   19 November 2007

                               XL TechGroup, Inc.
                       ('XL TechGroup' or 'the Company')

     XL TechGroup company TyraTech launches Sustainable Solutions business

XL TechGroup (AIM: XLT), the creator of world-changing companies that solve
identified, global unmet market needs, advises that XL TechGroup company,
TyraTech Inc. (AIM: TYR) ('TyraTech'), the pioneer of safer, effective and
natural pesticide products, today announces the US launch of its 'Sustainable
Solutions' business with Nature's Natural, a peat replacement and horticulture
product that will also provide a mass-market medium for the delivery of
TyraTech's natural pesticides.

Nature's Natural is created using a proprietary technology that can separate,
compost and purify livestock waste on site.  The production machinery is being
sold by TyraTech directly to large-scale US dairy farmers and is designed to
provide safe and sustainable treatment of organic waste and solids whilst
generating an agricultural, farm and home garden peat replacement product.  The
potential value of the US market for the sale of the machinery alone is
approximately US$400 million, based on the number and scale of dairy farms
across the country.  First sales have now been made, providing an early source
of revenue for TyraTech.  By means of contractual agreements with each producer,
TyraTech also retains the rights for up to two thirds of the material generated
on farms using this technology for use in its Nature's Natural product lines.

Sustainable Solutions provides waste and associated pollution management for
dairy farms, as well as an end product that is available as a low-cost, high
quality hygienic bedding for cattle.  TyraTech is also developing a process that
will apply its safer and effective products for repelling insects and parasites
to the bedding to improve cattle wellbeing and productivity.

Nature's Natural's low salt, pathogen and seed content, along with its high
water retention and nutrient content, also mean it is valuable to horticultural
markets, such as nurseries in need of a sustainable peat moss substitute for
various potting and gardening uses.  The annual US market for peat moss is in
excess of US$245 million.  The nutrient-rich soil alternative can then be used
as a medium for TyraTech's natural pesticides that kill or repel insects and
nematodes that impair plant growth.

Take-up of the machinery by agricultural and horticultural markets will be
driven by the cost savings and additional revenue streams that producers and
users will be able to generate through its application.  By reducing the amount
of cattle manure that is spread on the land or retained in collection lagoons,
it can provide significant economic and environmental compliance advantages for
the farmer, especially by curtailing the pollution of the water table and the
bad odours that effect neighbours in the farming community.  The Nature's
Natural approach lowers the farm's on-site waste content, allowing for larger
and more sustainable herds to be managed within strict US government
regulations.  There are further environmental advantages such as the lowering of
greenhouse gas emissions via the processing of cow manure before the composting
process releases these gases.  As an alternative to peat, it also reduces the
commercial extraction pressures currently placed on the world's endangered
natural peat bogs.

Dr John Scott, CEO of XL TechGroup, said: 'The sales of the machinery that
produce Nature's Natural will generate an early source of revenue for TyraTech
whilst building the foundations for the company to establish a presence in the
US diary farming industry.  The sustainable soil alternative is an ideal means
of delivery for TyraTech's safer, natural, effective pesticides to the
multibillion dollar horticultural and agricultural markets.  We look forward to
further news from TyraTech over the coming months as it continues to deliver on
its exciting business plan.'

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About XL TechGroup

XL TechGroup is in the business of significant value creation.  Working with
major international corporate and technology partners such as AES, Procter &
Gamble and leading universities, XL TechGroup first identifies global unmet
market needs and then targets and exploits these by the systematic creation of
successful, disruptive technology businesses.  These new companies are built
from scratch, and are then managed, developed and funded by XL TechGroup through
to the point of a trade sale or a stock market listing.

XL TechGroup's unique and proven methodology selects the best opportunities in
order to create one-to-two new companies annually, where each company is
expected to achieve a realisable valuation of at least US$400 million within
four years from its creation.  While an XL TechGroup company might perform a
stock market listing at an earlier point in this four year timeframe, XL
TechGroup would retain a controlling interest and would continue to assist with
the company's development.  It is XL TechGroup's aim to deliver significant
shareholder distributions at the final exit from each company.

XL TechGroup's companies to date are:

•         PetroAlgae LLC (

•         TyraTech Inc. (AIM: TYR,

•         DxTech LLC (

•         QuoNova LLC (

•         AgCert International plc (LSE: AGC,

XL TechGroup has also established GenXL LLC as a joint venture to capture the
value of those prospects that do not fully meet XL TechGroup's US$400 million,
four year criteria but still demonstrate considerable potential worth.  Over and
above XL TechGroup's core business model, GenXL is reviewing a significant flow
of opportunities from both XL TechGroup and GEN3 in order to generate new
companies, standalone product lines and technology licensing opportunities or an
appropriate mix of these.

For further information, see

About TyraTech, Inc.

TyraTech is pioneering a new class of highly effective, non-toxic, pesticides
and anti-parasitic compounds to address global agriculture, horticulture,
functional foods, healthcare and veterinary markets.  Using a revolutionary
chemoreceptor screening process, TyraTech has identified proprietary blends of
natural oils that stimulate the reactions and biological behaviour of insects
and parasites so that they can be effectively repelled or killed.  TyraTech's
technology prevents the development of resistance and avoids the environmental
concerns and human health risks of chemical solutions whilst still being at
least, if not more, effective.

The Company's products have been validated through strong partnerships with
multinational conglomerates operating within a growing US$23 billion worldwide
market that is being increasingly driven by environmental legislation and
end-user demand.

TyraTech continues to develop new product applications based on safe, natural
ingredients with a broad range of partners around the world.

For further information, see

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